Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Well we've made it through today without Stephanie and I being admitted to the psych ward at St. Joe's. Many discussions throughout the day with all 4 of the oncologists in our group, as well as Dr. Messina. Endless thoughts pour through your head when something like this is told to you. Everyone is confident Scott will recover, but it will take time.

He is very frustrated and confused right now, and likley very terrified that he can't put words in his mouth. He has had a couple of outbursts while he was being messed with for shots or using the restroom. Stephanie said he literally was yelling - with no slurred speech - for someone to "help". Luckily the nurse saw all of it and expressed that was a very good sign.

He's in there. We just have to give him everything possible to help him along and get our boy back to being our boy.

As I sit here tonight, all I can think of is how horrible such a problem is, but ironically have a sense of relief in a way knowing what we are dealing with. Especially knowing specifically what it is and the treatment is spot on. But none of that stops the heart from breaking while watching him struggle. He's just a kid. All of these kids in the ward and in treatment are just that - kids. None of them deserve any of this. But they all fight in a way I don't believe us adults could if faced with the same.

Off to attempt some rest. Derry and I both going in tomorrow morning. Stephanie needs her other boy, and maybe Scott seeing his older brother will spark him to tell him to piss off or something. You know, normal brother stuff.

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