Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday evening

Scott's temperature just keeps bouncing all over. Last word from Stephanie was it was back up to 101.9. There is nothing good about that. It will make you climb the walls or either beat your head against it. Just no sure fire way to tell what in the world is causing it to jump around.

It is some type of infection, but what? Scott has no energy. None. Can barely sit up for more than a couple minutes. It is very troublesome and nerve-wracking.

Docs think he may have mono. Which just puts horrible thoughts through our head. Mono was one of the "it could be's" the night Scott got sick in January.

Just have to wait and watch. Which is damned painful. So far there is nothing positive in the cultures, but they are only 24 hours old now.

It's like being pulled around by some freak, sick puppetteer or something.


Laura said...

I am about ready for bed, but just couldn't go to sleep without checking in on all of you. My prayers tonight are for Scott's fever to return to normal and for him to wake up feeling better. I hope a restful night's sleep is in all of your future very soon. David, you and Stephanie are close in my thoughts and prayers. Derry, I hope your first day of school was fun and exciting. Scott, I hope you sleep well and have the best dreams. Hang in there champ! I'm sending well wishes and hugs from Michigan.
Your Friend, Angel Laura

christine said...

I'm sure at this moment (10.30 my time) you're all in bed and I hope getting some sleep - although you all say Steph doesn't sleep when at the hospital. But sleep is a cure in itself - it gives the body time to recuperate, so Steph - do try to sleep - Scott needs you fighting fit. Hope your morning brings some results and that Scott wakes to a normal temp and feels stronger. Lorna had glandular fever so I know from experience how it saps the energy and I guess Scott cannot afford that. So, in a way I hope it isn't, but on the other hand you all need to know what is causing this problem. Hope today brings some solutions.
Lots of love as always

Lorna said...

hey...thinking of y'all..lots of love xxx