Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shoppin and Skatin'

Scott felt a bit better again today, although he still says he has a "sore" stomach. It seems the fever worry has abated a bit today, and hopefully is gone. We did get him out today for about 5 hours. He went along to Derry's "assessment" skate and then we went on to the mall and Toys R Us for a bit of shopping. Scott needed some new shorts and knickers, as he's packed on a few pounds and was up to 92 Thursday at the clinic.

He is now exhausted and fallen asleep on the sofa. Just waiting until he has to be awaken for his 6mp. Hopefully he sleep sound tonight. It just seems something isn't "right" with him, like the cumulative effects are taking their toll on his body and the constant mental stress of worry if he's going to be sick or if we'll have to cart him off to the hospital - and if so, just what may be wrong. It is entirely too much for a kid to be asked to deal with emotionally.

Derry has his last "free" night tonight, as school starts back on Monday. He did quite well on his skate today. He's obviously improved his speed forward and backward since the spring skate. It will be the week after Labor Day before we know if he's slotted on a team this fall. Keeping our fingers crossed for that issue as well.

We are also hoping and crossing our fingers and toes for our little friend JJ. She's now across the Bay at All Children's Hospital in the preparation stage for her Stem Cell Transplant, which is due this coming Wednesday. We've come to know little JJ and her mom Marie quite well, as her diagnosis came along within days of Scott's. Transplant is a very scary ordeal, and we hope all goes well with her this coming week.

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