Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bloodwork and lights at ends of tunnels!

Scott had clinic this morning, just bloodwork no chemo. We were all basket cases for sure, worried sick about what the results would be, however everything looked fine, well fine for a cancer patient anyway!

wbc -> 3.1
hgb -> 8.8
plt -> 222
anc -> 1922

He did have a low grade fever which we'll be keeping an eye on, it was 99.6, if it goes above 100.4 he will have to be admitted for testing and a mandatory 48 hr stay.

Scott is still very lethergic and has a pain that 'migrates'.

I talked with Mr. Wallace this morning, Scotts lovely Guidance Teacher, and he is going to help us out with some books to use at home for the next couple of months, we then hope to ease Scott back into school sometime in early maintenance. So for the time being, like David said earlier, we will be homeschooling Scott but I most certainly am no teacher and neither do I particularly want to be. Scott is a kid and we want him around other kids, not stuck at home with his crazy old mother. But for now the time is not right.

Tomorrow, if Scott is up to it, we will go and visit his old school and meet the teachers who have been assigned to him. It will be a wonderful feeling and Im getting a bit weepy just thinking about it. Light at the end of the tunnel. Normal kid stuff on the horizon. YAY!!!!!

Before I go, thank you to everyone who signs our blog and thank you for all your messages of support. Thank you to our chemo angels, we are so pleased to have you onboard supporting Scott. Thank you to Scott's friend, Brandon, he is such a honey! Brandon comes around and plays with Scott like nothing has changed, most of Scotts other friends didnt stick around, but not Brandon. He's a true friend and a great kid.

Oh and Brandon, if you are reading this, which you're probably not, but your Mom and Dad might be, Scott has been given the okay to get back on his blades!!!! I am so excited about this. Maybe in a few days when he is feeling a bit more normal you guys can tear up the road a little, I even have some home made ramps!

from Hot Rod ...

"Did you reinforce the take-off ramp?"
"Nah, we didnt have time."


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Laura said...

Hi Skittles,

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. I sure do love reading your mom's posts. She loves you SO MUCH! So many people do. Glory is working on another picture for you. I hope she doesn't make you too many. She wakes up very early in the morning and always starts the day talking about you and wanting to make you something. She's been doing a lot of coloring from a giant coloring book with Cars pictures. I have a feeling one of those are for you. :)

Tonight is Glory's last dance class (ballet.) We are looking forward to it ending. Ballet was something Glory wanted to try, but it's not her favorite thing. She sometimes gets bored there and she is ALWAYS throwing in her own dance moves to the regular ballet ones. A little extra hip-wiggling, a sassy swing of her hips, SOMETHING to make the dance for interesting to her. She can be very silly.

I'm excited for you to go and meet with your teachers. They are so lucky to get to have you in class when you feel ready. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Take care, and I will write again soon. Tell Mom I said "hi" and I'm thinking of her and your Dad too.

Sending Smiles, Angel Laura