Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Scott may be getting pink eye. It doesnt hurt or itch and isnt goopy or swollen but it is definately pink at the outer edge of his eye. The doctor said to 'sleep on it' and see how its looking in the morning, if it is pink eye then he reckons we will know for sure after a nights sleep.

This we do not need 36 hours before his birthday. After all he has been through this year it would be very nice to have a hospital and hassle free birthday, especially after the disaster that befell us on Derrys birthday.

A friend of mine used to laugh and say "we are doomed", well that really is how we in this household have been feeling lately.

We'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.


Lorna said...

hope scott woke up with clear eyes today...unlike mine! lorns xx

Laura said...


Ever since I received your mom's wonderful letter in the mail, I have really enjoyed coming onto this site to get to know your family and see the neatest pictures of each of you and your cats. :) I just now realized I can leave responses to posts so I will have to start doing that for you!

I am keeping my fingers crossed that you woke up with the clearest eyes in the world today!

Take care and have a wonderful Sunday. It's almost somebody's Birthday... YEAH!

Please tell your mom I will write her soon and I am so grateful for her letter and the pictures. She is an amazing writer and I bet she's an amazing mom too!

Sending Smiles, Angel Laura