Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In the words of Doc Tebbi...

"there are no bad cells. Not even a hint of any. But I'd bought a one-way ticket to Alaska just in case there was".

So, Doc Tebbi's preliminary results is there is zero evidence of relapse in his marrow. Of course that is preliminary from Doc Tebbi looking at the pathology slides, but to quote him again - "I've looked at slides for many years, and I've not gone bananas just yet".

So yes, we have to wait for the lab results "officially". But nobody here has reason to doubt Doc Tebbi viewing sample slides from two different spots.

Most likely all antibiotics will be stopped tonight, then bloodwork check at the usual time tomorrow. Doc Tebbi says the results of that may have him released tomorrow of the next day.

More later. Needless to say there is a big "YIPPEE" from here!

Still feels like crap. Still ain't talkin', but this is about the biggest relief and best news possible today.


Staci said...

A big yippie is going up here in Maine! So glad to see a good news update. Hugs from "Angel" Dave & family

Sandie said...

Hip hip Jorge, as we like to say here in NY!!!!

We are so happy. This made our day.


Dawn said...

So great to hear some good news. Fingers crossed it's all made official tomorrow.

Spoken to my Mum (Nana)tonight. She says to tell you she loves you very much and is praying you get the answers you need very soon. She's keeping up to date all the time via your Mum. Maybe we'll teach her to use a computer yet!!

Much love, Dawn.

Carolyn said...

Thank know me, ever the conservative and holding cautiously for the official word tomorrow, but great news!

Hugs to all

Laura said...

If you hear someone else chimming in with a loud "YIPPIE" it is your friends in Michigan - joining those in Maine, NY, Florida... everywhere! What great news. We hope it is all confirmed for you tomorrow. We continue to pray Scott will be feeling better soon and maybe even get to GO HOME where he belongs with his wonderful family. :) Big smiles on all of our faces tonight. :)
Sending Hugs, Angel Laura & Family