Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Update 2

The doctor has been and we had a chat.
Today Scott is going to have a ct scan of his tummy to see what is going on down there, he has to drink 3 glasses of contrast first or have a tube put down him and have it that way. This is not going to be easy as he is puking up anything in his stomach right now, if they use the tube he will probably gag and throw up the tube.
He is also getting blood, potassium and GCSF shots to boost his counts, or to try to anyway.
They are going to start feeding him tonight through his port, not through a tube, so that is ok, although he may be very sick after a week of no food.
He said "Scott was probably not relapsing". Probably. That is not a word that i wanted to hear.
He was honest and said he did not know what was going on.
We are very scared.


christine said...

I am also scared Steph - for all of you. It's hard to comprehend that even with all the knowledge and equipment todays hospitals have available they are still unable to identify the problem. Good for you for getting tough - Scott is your child and you have to let them know you won't sit back and not fight for him. Hope the ct is ok and that he is able to keep down some food later.
love as always

Sandie said...

We all made wishes for Scott today.

I wished that night passes into day easily and that "probably" turns into "not."

All of us are holding all of you close in our hearts.

Lots of love to you.