Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another day...

...and another day with basically no answers. Scott had a chest xray, and nothing showed. Nothing growing in cultures yet. Nothing showing abonormal in blood. Scott with few symptoms other than a sore tummy, the fever and basically exhaustion. He's sleeping about 20 hours per day. Not eating much of anything. Not drinking much of anything.

Yet the fever persists. Tylenol drops it down for a bit, then it is right back up.

Tomorrow they are likely to switch the antibiotic from a broad-spectrum one to an antifungal antibiotic.

We're both wrecks. Scott is a mess. The "non-answers" just let endless thoughts run rampant in your head. Too many things.

It is Scott's "first" fever admission since diagnosis. Going almost 7 months without one shocks everyone we cross paths with at the clinic and hospital. But we've been diligent with what the docs told us. Prevention to the hilt. Yet there he stays in the hospital with a fever.

And no answers to this point. It is maddening enough to turn a normal person into a window-licker.

On the lighter side - we have to send a big Thank You to Susan, Steve and Taylor. They keep an eye on here and remembered Scott and Derry's birthday's. Susan came by the hospital today to see Scott and all of us. Taylor (her daughter) was due for a clinic visit today. Some of you may remember us posting about the night Scott was diagnosed along with two other kids, both teen girls. Taylor is one of those two. It was nice to hear from Susan that Taylor's treatment is complete (she was dx'd with Lymphoma) and she's started back to school this week with what Susan says is the consensus coolest hair in the school. It is great to get some good news about one of the kids at the hospital. That certainly doesn't seem to be the norm dealing with this beast.

Another shout out to our chemo angel Dave and his family. Scott had mail from him which brightened his day. I do have one question for Dave though -

Did you get the fish in the picture mounted?

That was about the only time Scott perked up today, except when Gracie (one of the treatment dogs) made a stop by his room this afternoon. Thanks a bunch folks. Please know it never fails to brighten his day.

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christine said...

good to hear the positive news that Taylor has come through her treatment and is back at school - we need positive news sometimes. We know you must be shattered and feel so helpless over here - all we can keep saying is try to stay strong and positive.
love you lots