Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, August 20, 2007

Reporting live on scene from room 237

New bloodwork has just come back and his counts have dropped quite substantially since Thursday and he needs a tranfusion pronto. This wont help with the fevers but it certainly should make him feel less washed out.

I worry 24/7 about the 'r' word and when I mentioned this to Dr. Tebbi earlier (before the counts came back) I saw in his eyes that he could see that possibility too. Or maybe that was just my paranoia. However I just had a bit of a chat with him and he said "capital N, capital O, capital T, Scotty is NOT relapsing, there are NO flimsy bad cells". He then showed me the new bloodwork and started talking about numbers I had never even noticed before, he said there were two indicators that Scott was not relapsing and that his bone marrow was working. I patted his knee and told him how lovely he was. He just laughed his cute little Iranian laugh. Is it normal to fall head over heels for your little boys oncologist?

He is to be tested for mono (glandular fever to y'all back home) as Dr Tebbi said it is rampant in Florida and this could explain Scotts lethargy.
His temperature went up to 101.7 during the night but he has been given tylenol and it is now 99.2. I hope it stays down but judging by the last few days it will bounce right back up again. The general purpose antibiotics are being continued until whatever is causing Scotts punyness is traced so they can give something more specific.

Well thats about it. I am still very worried but thankfully Dr Tebbi has stomped out my main fear.
Im off to make some coffee and since this place is like the Marie Celeste I'll get it all to myself!
Thanks for checking up on us and sorry I was such a wuss last night, but this really does suck.


Staci said...

Hello all, we are so sorry to hear that Scott is back in the hospital... hopefully the stay won't be too long. We're praying for you all.

Stephanie, I'm so sorry you are missing out on Derry's first day of school. I bet he will have lots of fun stories to tell you when you get home! Please tell him we said hello and hope he had a great day!

Take care,

Staci and "Angel" David

Laura said...

Stephanie -

I hope good news will be delivered to you soon and I am glad Scott's doctor helped put your mind at ease at least a little. You're a wonderful mum - that's why you worry. And you are one of the strongest people I know. I hope you found yourself a fantastic cup of coffee. I sent some things out for Scott today so hopefully they will come soon to him and make him smile. You both are in my thoughts today and I will check back later. Can't wait to hear the stories Derry has for you and Scott! :)

Sending Hugs, Angel Laura

Grandmama said...

Stephanie Don't ever think you are a wuss for getting upset about your Boys it just means that you are a very good Mum.
At least the Dr. made you feel a little better.
So sorry Scott is back in the hospital.
Tell Derry I hope he had a good at school. I know it was very hot .
And also GOOD LUCK TO DERRY WITH HIS SKATING. I know he has worked hard with it.
Love To All of You