Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our little drummer boy

Thank you to all our friends and family for helping make Scotts birthday so much fun for him. We bought these drums for Scott with the birthday money he recieved from you all, and although he has about as much musical talent and rhythm as a slug he seems to be enjoying them very much. We also thought that it would be great therapy for him, both mentally and physically, however the rest of us may well need a different kind of therapy before too much longer!

Thank you also to our chemo angels for bombarding Scott with birthday cards and to Mr Wallace, Mrs Shields and Mrs Stites from Mintz Elementary for remembering Scotts birthday with a great big cookie and a gift card.

One last thank you to Papa and Grand momma for yet another box of divine cookies which arrived this afternoon. They were about the only calories Scott ate today so thank you.

Scott is back in the clinic tomorrow for blood work, if his counts are above 750 he will have vincristine and doxorubicon, he will also start back on the steroids and chemo at home. He hates all this medication and has been going between anger and tears all day. All he wants is to be able to muck about outside on his rollerblades, wrestle with his friends in the yard, just normal kid stuff. Thats all.

We will come through this though. Scotts body will heal and hopefully my heart will too.

Our Tre Cool wanabee ....


Staci said...

What an awesome picture, Scott! You look absolutely thrilled with your new drums and very cool! Enjoy those drums... practice, practice, practice and you will be a famous drummer one day. :0) Sending Hugs from Maine, Staci and "Angel" David

Lorna said...

very very cool pic...your mum will definately go insane...and run away to zanzibar to see me... lorns xx