Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Continuing on with little change

The more things don't change.....well....things haven't changed. Scott seems in a cycle now. Pre-meds, then the antifungal medicine. The first two doses caused reactions, the one last night being milder.

Temp is like riding a roller-coaster. Up. Down. Repeat. He had a period of 15 hours at one point with no temperature. Then came the anti-fungal - which rises the temperature. We await fungal test results, which come slowly.


The docs seem him and state "he looks great and is doing fine". Which is grossly arguable. He looks tired. He's sleeping about 20 hours per day. He's eating nothing. Well, that's not exactly true - he had 3 doritos yesterday. 3.

We worry about him developing pneumonia from being in bed so much. Stephanie got him in the bath tub earlier today and to make a few laps around the floor. He's flushed and weepy most of the time. Obviously his stomach hurts and has probably shruken to nothing now.

So, no answers. It seems there is no way it is bacterial at this point, but I'm not a doctor. Not having a definitive answer for the fevers - fevers that won't abate - is worrisome, scary, aggravating and maddening.

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