Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Clear (er) eyes

Luckily Scott did not awake with a crusted over, red, goopy eye. It is still somewhat bloodshot, but certainly isn't pinkeye. That is a big relief.

Just wanted to update here. Now we are just dealing with an anxious Scott awaiting his birthday tomorrow, and he keeps hoping nothing goes wrong or he doesn't get a fever. Crossing our fingers for a good day!


Staci said...

Hello Scott, glad to hear that it's not pinkeye... that's not fun. I hope that you are feeling fine for your birthday today! Happy Early Birthday. :0) Your friend, David - ChemoAngel

Grandmama said...

We hope that every thing goes well for Scott's birthday.
Tell him we said Happy Birthday and that we love him.
Love To All of You

Staci said...

Correction to my post...

I hope you are feeling fine for your birthday tomorrow! Your friend, David