Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Repeat the situation from yesterday. Temp goes up. Get Tylenol. Temp drops a bit. Tylenol wears off. Temp rises again.

That's the story on the temp.

Then thanks to tylenol - and the fact Scott is eating literally nothing - he got sick about 4 a.m. when he took his tylenol. Great fun for he and Steph in the middle of the night.

Then today the antibiotic was switched. Scott was put on IV Vancomycin. A rather heavy-duty antibiotic used to fight tough bugs such as MRSA (the SuperBug). Shortly afterwards Scott got his second bracelet from the Red Bracelet Club. They give out a red bracelet for each drug you have an allergic reaction to. Yes, he's allergic to the vancomycin. But he is still on the drug, and will just be pre-medicated with Benadryl.

So it is still a watch and wait game. A sleepless one for Stephanie, who hasn't "slept" since admission Sunday night. Mostly dozing sleep for Scott. Who appears asleep roughly 20 hours of each day. Roller coaster fever, and still no definitive answer on a cause. Others in the cancer world have told us their kids did the same thing, never with a clear reason why. While good to know, it isn't very comforting.

I did get Derry by the hospital for a bit today at the end of the school day. He got bored quickly, as Scott just isn't awake much. So bored his homework even got done in the ward's playroom. But he did get to visit with his mum, and her with him - even if she did do everything possible to embarass him with hugs and kisses.

So, here we sit and wait. Scott and Steph at St. Joe's. Dez and I here watching police video shows and eating heaps of chicken and hot dogs. All of us hoping for that wonderful return to "normal" - which right now is simply defined as "Scott is outpatient".


Sandie said...

I wish it was better for all of you.

Steph... I'm begging you! Please sleep. You'll wake if needs be. But you simply cannot give from an empty cup. You must get some sleep.

Sorry for the finger wagging. : )

Lots of love to you.

christine said...

copy what Sandie has said - you cannot afford to get ill as well. I know nagging does no good but you HAVE to sleep. Even if you only lie down and shut your eyes while Scott sleeps it will give your body a break.

lots of love as always.