Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chris Jericho

I hope I am not seeing too much into small things but I do believe we have made a little progress today.
Today we managed to give Scott a bath and he also walked around the ward 3 times. He is still extremely confused and 'lost', I dont think he has any idea where he is, and more alarmingly Im not entirely sure he knows who David and Derry are. He doesnt seem quite as scared as he did yesterday but still his body tightens when he has a doctor or nurse close to him. He has been awake a little longer today than of past and has been watching a WWE ladder match dvd which he definately was following, to what extent Im not sure, but he did blurt out "Chris Jericho" when he saw him on the screen. This happened when the psychologist was in the room and was obviously seen as a good sign. If Mr Wallace is reading this, and Im sure he is, please pass this on to Coach Guerrero, and maybe he can pass it on to our new hero, Mr Chris Jericho.
He has spoken a little and most of what he said was within context and made sense. When he was in the bath he asked, "can I come out now?" and when asked a simple question he will sometimes reply with a nod, a "yes" or an "ok". On a couple of occassions he tried to talk but the words just wouldnt come, it is unbelievably painful to watch. He can also make eye contact which he wasnt doing very well a couple of days ago.
Scott still wont eat or drink but nobody seems concerned, he is being given TPN through his port but it cant sustain him for long.
This evening I seemed to get a big breakthrough although now Im not so sure what to make of it. He started smiling at me, big huge grins, then he laughed and giggled and was kind of like Scott but kind of babyish too, we were goofing about, he said quite clearly "mum, you're crazy" cos I was laughing and being silly and it seemed like 'wow, he's back' but then all of a sudden his face changed and he said "don't do that" and he turned away from me. I reported all this to the nurse ofcourse and she told me to expect the weird and the wonderful but that right now all words and reactions were a good thing.
We never leave him alone, not even for a minute, we give him peace but when we feel he is up to it we try to stimulate him in whatever way we can. We have told him what has happened and that each day will be a step closer to Scott being Scott again. I do think he understands most if not all of what is being said to him. Most importantly he is getting lots and lots of hugs and kisses.
We had two visitors today, Benji and his "staff" and Darren Stage, who is Scott's best friends dad. Scott wasnt too aware of Benji being there which was very sad but at the same time he didnt freak out about it either. Benji just hopped up on the bed next to Scott and rested his head next to Scott. Hopefully next time we see Benji, Scotty will be more aware and can get a big doggy hug and a kiss. Darren was great and came bearing gifts and a huge singing balloon, it was good to see him, maybe in a day or so he will bring Brandon with him and the boys will be able to chat a little.
Oh yeah and we had one more visitor. A doctor from infectious diseases! Damn how much more do they expect us to take??!! He was a pretty nice guy actually, which was contrary to what I had been told to expect, he checked Scott over and he will be running all manner of different tests, he will also be giving Scott a lumbar puncture to check that the spinal fluid is ok. This is all being done as Scott it STILL having low grade fevers and they are not convinced that this is because of the clot. So he'll be checked out good and proper for all manner of weird and wonderful things. Please, please, please, no more, we cant take being told he has ebola, malaria or even cat scratch fever!
Chemo is currently on hold as it is possible that one or other of the chemo's caused this stroke, so obviously that is a concern. However it is most likely come from the leg shots which have been completed. They are also checking genetics as we have a history of clots and strokes on my side of the family. Im sure it hasnt come from me though as I am perfect.
Please please keep Scotty close to your hearts and lets all hope, and for those of you who pray, then pray, that tomorrow is better than today and the day after that will be better than the day before, and yesterday will be worse than tomorrow.
I am not asking for anything for Scott but should anyone wish to send him a gift, a magazine or a card then maybe we should stick with WWE as this seemed to spark him earlier. So anything wrestling related would be appreciated Im sure.
Love to you all and thanks for checking in.


Dawn said...


Just off to work but wanted to check in before I left. SO good to read about the first signs of improvement in Scotty from you and David.

How come it's taken you this long to realise you're perfect. All this side of the family are!!! That's the genetic bit! Seriously, hope you continue to have better days each day. Will check in again tonight.


Staci said...

Just stopping by to see how the little guy is doing. We are very happy to read that there has been some improvement in Scott communicating with you.

We are praying and will be praying for complete restoration for Scott!

Sending lots of hugs, "Angel" David, Staci and the gang

Lorna said...

hey Steph

glad to read about the signs of improvement. at least i can check on Scotty and y'all regularly now. christmasses in my kitchen seem a long time ago now but maybe we'll have another one day - with the boys arguing over the playstation and me and you making yorkshire puddings (well - heating them up anyway!). i think im in danger of nappy rash spending all day every day with a damp bum. will check in again tomorrow. wishing for good news for you. lorns xxx

Laura said...

How wonderful to hear that there was some improvement with Scott. So, Chris Jericho must be pretty special. I'm not too familiar with wrestling but I'll do my homework and try and find something Chris Jericho related he might like. :) It sounds like having family all around him for the day was a real treat and helped him a lot. I'm so glad. Take care everyone and I'll check in again soon. Continuing the prayers and good wishes until then...
Angel Laura :)
P.S. Stephanie, you ARE perfect! :)

Grandmama said...

So glad having some good signs today. A little is better than nothing at all.
I got Scott 2 DXD's today.
Don't know if the postoffice is open tomorrow. But will get them in the mail as soon as possible.
Love To All of You
Grandmama / Mom

Sandie said...

You are indeed perfect, sunshine. But that's not news to me.

I hope this day brought more to smile about.

I asked an "expert" about the some wrestling DVD and they are on the way with all our love.


Anissa Mayhew said...

I don't know if you'll remember me, but we met at the Children's Cancer Center a while back. I just heard about what happened to Scott and I finally found your website.

Our prayers are with you and if there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask. Don't forget, we are in Brandon as well, so we can bring you anything you might want or need, I hear the food at St. Joe's is borderline.

I just want to share with you that I had a stroke in 2005. it sounds in so familiar to what Scott has been going through. I just want you to know that with time for my body to heal, lots of physical therapy and dedicated family to help me through it, I recovered better than they'd predicted I would. Now, you wouldn't know I'd ever had one if I didn't tell you it happened. so, just don't give up hope of a 100% recovery for Scott, he's a strong boy and he has an amazing family behind him.

Lots of prayers coming your way.
f.r.o.G...fully relying on God
---Anissa Mayhew