Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Late post/update here. Just off phone with Stephanie. Scott went for a combination MRI/MRV after the CT. Turns out Steph's persistence (I just helped on the phone during a discussion) with Doctor Obzut about going ahead with the MRI after a clear CT paid off. Doctor O has actually thanked Stephanie for pushing her to go ahead, as the imaging discovered the source of Scott's odd behavior (and maybe even this whole hospital stay - that's arguable). Doc O admitted it wasn't really the direction she would have went.

Scott has a "partially occluded" blood vessel in his head. Basically a blood clot, but it's not completely blocked the specific vein. The treatment will begin with blood thinners (similar to warfarin) injected, yes, into his belly. They are the subcutaneous type, not the deep tissue type. Which basically means the nurses say the needles aren't that big.

While knowing your child has a partial clot in his head is certainly nothing to celebrate, at least we now know what in the world to actually deal with and treat, and the treatment is beginning as we speak. We THINK it will be a pair of injections twice a day. We'll never fault Doc O for that not being her intended direction. This cancer mess has so many twists and turns, it hard to imagine.

I do want to clarify something - this doesn't mean Scott has had a stroke. It means something has been found that needs to be corrected as if it completely blocked, that is the definition of a stroke (I will verify the accuracy of that with neurology in the morning).

Anyway, everything treatment-wise will be detailed out with morning rounds with doctors.

I love my "hovering mother" (as Doc Messina called her) of a wife. An object lesson in being your child's advocate and voice.

I think they're may be a graveyard shift radiologist that needs a huge thank you as well.


christine said...

Thanks to all involved I think in discovering this partial blockage before it became even more serious. And as I've said before - Stephanie is being an excellent 'nuisance' in the hospital - someone has had to push the staff and well done Steph for doing so. With the best will in the world and with respect to all the staff, I dread to think what would have happened if she'd just gone home and left them to it.

Lets hope this is the answer and you can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel and some improvements in Scotts behaviour.

Come on Scott - we all want the real you back - with all your quirqy ways and non stop noise and banter.
lots of love and hugs

Sandie said...

No mother ever wishes for the shoes you are walking in, but you are doing it so very well. You are an inspiration to the rest of us. You kicked some arse and got some answers. Like your mom said, maybe now some improvements will come for Scott - and you can start breathing again.

Lots of love to you Steph

Mom Rush said...

It's Marion from the LLS Board! So glad that Scott has a diagnosis. I always say to go with those Mom (or Dad) instincts. Us cancer families KNOW when something is "off". Sending hugs your way!


Colbys Mom said...

Glad to see you all finally have an answer. We will be praying that the blood thinners fix the problem quickly and with no bad side effects. Hang in there Mom and Dad you are doing great.
~ Hugs from Colbys Mom