Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Steroid Weekend

Scott's steroids have kicked in. He's on an "breadstick and chocolate" binge it seems. He's not had a chocolate craving with steroids yet, but that seems to be the thing this go round. He got a bit huffy with Stephanie today, as the bag had run out. He's also eaten two boxes of breadsticks in two days. An eating machine he is, and his gut reappears quickly. Have to get back by store tomorrow and restock before he decides to slash us all to death.

The tummy shots continue, and likely will until the next MRI is done. Scott does okay during the shots, but I think his tolerance level is reaching its limits mentally. He's been getting very upset and weepy after the shots lately. It is horrible all way around regarding the shots. His stomach now looks like one on some heroin addict. Just have to keep slugging along though. I hope it doesn't scar him for life.

Vincristine has delivered its usual pain, starting in the jaw. That really bothers Scott, as he's starving all the time and it hurts to chew as well. You'd think this all becomes regular and expected, but each time it is just as saddening and painful for him, as well as us.

In other matters it seems Dave the Cat found his way home. We've not seen her since Friday evening. I hope she's made it back safe and sound, she was a very friendly cat.

Derry had his first hockey practice on Friday. He'll be sporting #44 on his jersey. First game comes up a week from today. I'm sure he's a bit nervous, but he isn't letting us see it too much.

Not much else to really post, as we all just kind of collapse on the weekends at this point. I believe Stephanie and I suffer a type of exhaustion that isn't really explainable or typical. We sort of "auto pilot", then find we wake up at 10 or so one morning. Weeks are blurs, as single days seem hard to distinguish most of the time.

Lastly, it is only one more week until I partake in the Children's Dream Fund Golf Marathon. Everyone has been amazingly charitable, and I truly appreciate being past my financial goal for the effort. When I set out, I was doubtful I could get to such a goal. The generosity of everyone is a nice thing to witness. It is a great cause that has a very tangible, direct impact on kid's who have been dealt a bad situation. Thanks a bundle.


nina said...

I find it remarkable how similar the response is to your situation and mine. I guess dealing with all that your family is dealing with is a type of grief, in it's own way. Just know that Scott bounces back stronger and stronger after each step. Steroids will make people do weird things, and kids are no different. I know you know it's temporary. Me and my boys are sending all the positive thoughts and energy in Scott's direction. I only wish it could be more.
stay strong.

Laura said...

Hi Skittles,

Just wanted you to know we are thinkiing of you. I hope you have a great day today!

Sending Smiles, Angel Laura