Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bleach Poisoning

No, Scott doesn't have any new problems today. However, Derry and I are thinking of renting a hotel room for a couple nights so we don't fall victim to the bleach fumes within the house. I had to go to Costco and get a new 6-gallon pack, as the 3 gallons here just weren't enough to do the job Stephanie deemed necessary.

We got home yesterday and Scott almost immediately wanted to go buy a game at GameStop. He managed to go with me and walk around there and a brief stop at Publix. While I actually wanted to wait on the game a day or two, it was nice to see he could still work the Xbox 360 properly. It is just hard to tell what he can and can't do.

It was interesting this morning, as we asked him a few questions. He says he remembered us taking his temp here (3 weeks ago today), and that it was high enough to require going to the hospital. He has a pretty blank slate between that night and the 2nd scan that showed the clot clear. He told me he thought he was in the hospital about a week and a half. Doesn't remember getting the tube down his nose. Doesn't remember virtually anything about the few days before we knew what was wrong and a few days afterward. Can't recall when certain things sent by certain people showed up.

But he did notice the nightclub next to Border's had changed names, and that the bank on the corner had also changed names (something I hadn't even noticed).

Yes, we're home and damn happy to be home. But we have to be aware of the effects this event caused. We do have to have a brief clinic visit early tomorrow for bloodwork. Crossing our fingers on that one. The shots are still going to be twice daily. It was really weird for Scott to get one at home the first time, and I think it disturbs Stephanie even more here than at the hospital.

When leaving yesterday, Stephanie mentioned to the nurses it was nice to be past the worst part of this "little bump in the road". One of the nurses told her "that was no little bump in the road. That was a very big bump, and it had all of us worried".

Still awaiting an attack of ravens, rabid raccoons or aliens of some sort.


christine said...

In a way it's good that Scott doesn't remember all that went on in the last 3 weeks - it may have all been to worrying for him - but perhaps it will all come back gradually. In the mean time enjoy your ultra clean home and each others company. And sleep.

love to all

Sandie said...

I agree with Steph's mum on all counts. The brain has a way of protecting the spirit. Scott remembers all he needs to for right now. If and when he needs to remember more, he will.

And, in my humble opine, a house can never have too much clorox and never be too clean.

Now if I can only convince Steph to iron the sheets...

: )

Lots of love to you all.

Anissa Mayhew said...

I think that if all else fails, you all might be able to get all your hospital costs sponsored by Clorox! Maybe get some corporate logos for Stephanie to wear around. That's good stuff!

Its awesome to hear that Scott's aware enough to realize that things as insignificant as the nightclub changing it's name (which I noticed today by the way, for the first time, and there's nothing wrong with me) and to WANT to do things. That determination and drive to do is going to be what sees him through to a full recovery.

Let me just thank you for letting me come crash your comfy hospital stay. It was wonderful to see you, to talk and to see Scott laughing and smiling and pretending like he recognized me. I don't know if really did remember me, but if he didn't, he's with it enough to fake it! He is such an extraordinary boy and he has one heck of an aweseome family behind him, "crazy mum" or not.

Stephanie, now that you're home, you're doomed to be pestered by me to come out for a cup of coffee or tea...or a waffle or something! I don't know if I left you my phone number, so just email me whenver you get a chance and I'll shoot it to you.

Love ya'll!
f.r.o.G...fully relying on God

Sherry said...

It is so good to know you are home again together as a family once more! Scott is obviously a very determined and smart boy that will rise to any challenge place in front of him. Praying for MANY boring normal days ahead - you have had enough of the other kind!

Much love,
Sherry Tucker