Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Scott is doing very well today, much more focused and even his wicked sense of humour is coming back. He had a visit from physical and occupational therapy and they seemed quite pleased with his progress and will be working further with him in the weeks to come. When they arrived I started to help Scott get out of bed and put some socks on but this didnt go down well so I skulked off and made coffee. They were nice girls and Scott seemed at ease with them. They also gave us suggestions on ways to improve his walking, coordination etc. He will have to do some exercises at home, use his stationary bike and get into the pool as much as possible. But on the whole everything looks pretty good. He will also see a speech therapist soon and see what, if anything, needs to be done to help with this.
It has only been a week since the clot was found and I think it is fair to say that Scott has bounced back better than any of us could have imagined. Those days last week when Scott's mind seemed to have left the building were without a doubt the scariest days of my life and I know that David and Derry felt the same. I couldnt even begin to describe our terror and the same can be said for how relieved and happy we now feel to have our little Scotty back.
I am sure we still have some way to go but as far as I can tell with a little more time and with therapy he will be good as new before too much longer.
YAY!!!!! :)
More good news ..... Scott has just had his very last Doxorubicon!! I did a little happy dance around the room, he called me a 'moron', all good stuff. His Vincristine is going in now followed by a shot of steroids. However his port is gushing blood and wont stop due to the blood thinners. His chest is all wrapped up and he looks like he's suffered a shrapnel wound. I was told it will probably keep bleeding until he is de-accessed, and that, we hope, will be tomorrow. Yup they may let us go tomorrow. He is still very reluctant to eat but has had a few Pringles and a Popsicle so we are making progress.
I have lots of thank you's but my mind is a bit mushy right now so I apologise if I forget someone.
Little Sydney is a 15 month old girl with tumours on both of her kidneys, she is undergoing chemo and will face surgery soon. Yesterday she sent Scott a beautiful decoration of fruit, I guess she was trying to get Scott to eat. A very unexpected surprise and very much appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you Sydney.
Thank you to Katie and MaryLynn and Rosie for coming to visit and for trying to cheer me up. Im sorry that this was such a mammoth task for you all. I havent been good company of late thats for sure.
Thank you to Carolyn, Grandmomma and Papa and Sandie for the wrestling dvds. Thank you Mum for the beautiful flowers. Thank you to our chemo angels for their constant support and to Laura for buying Scott a star. We thought that to be such a touching and thoughtful gift although the star will probably be named after an ice hockey player. LOL. Thank you to Sarah for the basket of hockey cookies. Thank you to Sandy from the Childrens Dream Fund for something I cannot tell you about right no in case Scott reads this. Thank you to Susan and Taylor, without whom I would have starved to death and for being there for us constantly.
Thank you to Dr Tebbi and his amazing crew of doctors and nurses who have suffered my worrying and nagging and constant questions. And thank you to Dawn, the manager of this ward, for her kindness and for understanding.
I had to take a break from writing this but am back now. Scott has had a lot of bleeding from his port which would not clot due to the thinners, it was looking very bad and freaked him out a bit. He is all cleaned up now and a special powder has been put on it which should aid the clotting, I certainly hope so, it wasnt pretty.
Okay, well thats it for now, my fingers are tired and I'd best go and keep an eye on Scotts wound.


Laura said...

Wow Scott - when you put your mind to something you sure can accomplish a lot! Talk of releasing you HOME tomorrow?! Amazing. What wonderful news that would be. I know things aren't back to normal just yet, but you are getting there and doing it better than I think any of us could have imagined! You are like a hero - 'Scott/Skittles/Skit Skat the Superkid!' :)
It is late and I'm not making much sense but I am thinking about you and your whole super-family and wishing you all a peaceful nights rest with some great news coming in the morning. I'm keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that you can go home with your mom, who I truly believe is a supermom. Sleep well everyone and I will check in again soon.
Sending BIG smiles, Angel Laura
P.S. I'm so glad you liked the star! :) Glory helped me pick it out.

nina said...

I finally found your blog and read every word. At times I shook my head with remembered memories of my work in Pediatrics, other times crying with the heart of a parent. Your strength and steadfastness through all your family is going through is amazing. It makes my trials seem trivial in comparison.
I just want you all to know that you are thought of often, and prayed over as much. I truly hope that Scott recovers from this latest challenge and returns home to be the lovable little boy I have come to know through your posts and whose beautiful smile i have fallen in love with. There are also 2 little 9 year olds who went to bed tonight saying prayers for his continued recovery.
Please, please let me know if there is anything Scott needs or wants.
Hang in there.
Nina,Justin & Damian :)

Dawn said...

Fantastic news Scott - you really are a little superstar. In fact you're such a Superhero that I bet you can stop your chest bleeding today as well as everything else if you put your mind to it!! It's alright being wrapped up in bandages like a Mummy from Halloween, but that's next month - not now!
Keep going with trying to eat a little bit more and you'll be out of hospital in no time.
You're making your Mum, Dad and Derry so happy right now it's great to read about. Hope for some more good news tomorrow.
Big smiles and love to you all.

Carolyn said...

To all - excellent news!! Scott is our hero! If we all had only 10% of his strength, we could move mountains.

That, coupled with the strength of Stephanie, David and Derry, we could take on the world.

Ya'll are the best - I love you!

christine said...

What more can I add to all these comments - everyone is so pleased that Scott is doing so well. After all he's been through (and all of you as a family) surely he can deal with anything else thrown at him.

And, as Stephanies Mum, can I add my own big thank you to all the people who have helped and supported Stephanie, Derry and David. I'm crying now not being able to have been there for them and knowing there are others around is a comfort. A mother can only take so much.

It's been a real roller coaster of a ride and now lets hope, when they get home, for a little peace, quiet, and return to some semblance of normal family life. And for a continued fast improvement for Scott. I'm sure Scott when your'e home Mum will make some superb yorkshire puddings!
love and hugs