Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am pleased to report Scotts lab work today was looking good.

hgb -> 9.2
wbc -> 1.6
plt -> 213 (YAY for the platelet king!)
anc -> 720

No chemo today so hopefully we'll have a happy and pain free Scott for the next week. Today is the start of week 33 and next week, drum roll please, we start maintenance!!!! I hate to jinx us but this should mean the beginning of better days for Scott. He has 75 more weeks of his protocol left, and Im sure many more bumps (small ones hopefully) in the road, but all being well that 'just been run over by a bus' feeling should be a thing of the past. He will have weekly IV methotrexate, vincristine every 3 weeks, orapred (steroids) and nightly 6mp, all in all still quite a wallop to the system but with doxorubicon now behind us we should see a more stable and more energised Scott. Also the injections of blood thinner will continue twice a day until we get the ok from Dr Tebbi.

He has recovered well from the stroke, quite incredibly well it has to be said. We are so pleased and relieved but also nervous that it could happen again. For me the stroke was way scarier than the initial diagnosis of leukemia. With the stroke Scott was lost, he wasnt there, and there can be little worse than your child not knowing who you are, who he is, where he is, the only emotion he could show was terror. Those days when he was like that were simply cruel. However, he recovered, and quickly too, and for that we are all very thankful.

Something wonderful. A couple of days ago we noticed something strange about Scott, his eyes looked different, sort of weird. Well guess what! His eyebrows had started to grow back, he's also getting some fuzz appearing on his head too! Scott is feeling very proud of himself and keeps shaking and tossing his head back as if he were in a Loreal commercial. We are very excited too, even if he does look a bit odd, and keep touching his lovely new stubble. We were told that his hair may come back different than before so Scott is hoping it'll grow in black so he can be a natural Goth! It would be perfect for the Cure show next Spring.

Thats all for now, my fingers hurt.
Thanks for checking in.


Sandie said...

Tossing he head around, is he? You should get that on video. It's great to know he's of good spirits. I can't imagine that lovely fair skin of his with a head of black hair - but it would be Goth. I think the Cure postponed their tour so Scott could be there ; )

It so nice to read good news.

Lots of love to you all.
Especially Lady Godiva


Laura said...

Hi Skittles,
Just wanted to check in on you. So glad to hear your being silly and having fun! That puts a smile on my face, and your mum's too! Have a great day.
Sending Hugs, Angel Laura

nina said...

it'll probably grow back curly initially. which is interesting if your hair has usually been stick straight.
glad to hear scott is so close to maintenence.each hurdle is one you never have to revisit, thankfully.
sending hugs