Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, September 10, 2007

Some Derry News

I know we have this page to keep up with the medical aspects of Scott, and I happily report the steroids are in full swing to the tune of about 10 croissants, two bowl of strawberries and two large fries from Steak n Shake. Scott now passed out on couch with a huge belly, like a good man should be.

But today's good news is on the Derry front. We just got word this evening he's been slotted on a hockey team for the Fall Rec league!! It was great timing, as all he had done today since getting home was slave away on a mountain of homework. He was quite moody, even with getting a trip to Steak n Shake (which he loves). I got the email right as we got home. He'll have practices on Friday evenings, and games on either Saturday or Sunday mornings.

We're very happy for Derry, as he needs something that is "his". He's lost a lot of personal time since Scott was diagnosed, which is just the nature of the beast. This will be a great thing for him, and it has no involvement on school/work nights. One of his friend's, DJ, was slotted on the same team as well. He was very happy about that, and DJ called shortly afterward so they could talk. Derry seemed shocked when Stephanie said the phone was for him. LOL.

Cheers for Derry!

(and for me, as I know officially have a boy playing sports!)


Laura said...

What wonderful news for Derry and proud David! :) Many congratulations to the whole family. With Derry on the league, it's sure to be a terrific season.

Scott, way to go on all the good eats! You're amazing. Either tomorrow or the next day something is coming for you in the mail so be sure to check the mailbox! I'm thinking of you.

Sending smiles, Angel Laura

Sandie said...

Well done Derry!!!!

Congratulations on making the team. That's a wonderful accomplishment.

Just think, 10 years or so up the road when you are a famous - and handsome - hockey star you can look forward to hordes of suburban housewives drooling over you as you sign a photo for their sons.

Okay... well maybe that's not exactly what you want to look forward to, but I'll bet it made your mom laugh. : )

Now if you could only make yourself Russian.

Lots of love to you all

Grandmama said...

What GREAT NEWS for Derry.
And I Know that David is a PROUD
DAD. As he loves sports so much.
And I know Derry will enjoy it so much. Tell him we are proud of him.
We know he has been a wonderful big brother to Scott.
And we are surely proud of Scott for starting to eat so good.
He just needed to get home.
Love To All
Grandmama & Papa / Mom & Dad

christine said...

well done Derry - I know you had to work hard to get on the team. I hope you gets lots of fun from it - but I'm sure you'll have to keep on working hard to stay on the team. You need something completely unconnected from school and the problems at home and it's surely a sport that will kepp you fit and toned and all the girls will be after you soon. Groan, groan!!
Well done Scott for starting to eat again and hope your hospital visit went well yesterday.
Love to you all

Lorna said...

go derry!! well done honey, when can i come to a game/match? x

Dawn said...

Hey - great news for Derry. Maybe, one day, he can teach my lot to skate backwards. Moving forwards pretty fast (so they don't start wobbling!) is about the extent of their skills.

Pleased for David too. I know all about proud Dad's. When Jack made the GB squad for his shooting, Stephen was so proud he nearly cried. Don't know when I last saw him like that. He's going with Jack to the World Cup in Spain later this month. I'll send you a recent article about him in the local paper so you can show the kids. (Now I'm sounding proud too! Well I am - you always are in your own kids aren't you). I'll also send some other photos to see if the boys remember Helena, Jack and Harry from the Isle of Wight. Seems a while ago now....

Take care of each other and keep eating Scott!

Much love, Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Hello all! Looks like I finally figured out this "blog" thing after all! LOL! How wonderful! The pics are great! I'm so happy for Derry! We look forward to coming to the games & cheering him on! I know the kids will love that! Tell Scott I think the puppies are missing him by now so be sure and stop by tonight he feels up to it! I think I smell fresh cookies too! =)

Love, Francie