Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Counts up

Got some news from docs this morning. Scott's counts have bounced back up to a level where they can start his chemo. That is good news. Get this last round of Doxorubicin out of the way.

We've also been told mastoiditis is not a worry. Review of both MRI's show the mastoid the same size. Someone may have jumped the gun a bit on raising that as a concern.

Scott had several bouts of puking this morning. One when Doc Tebbi came in the room. Nothing like showing your doctor how fed up with the hospital you are then tossing your cookies when he walks in the door.

He does have some nasal drip, which may be the source of puking in the mornings. That coupled with no food and a stomach full of acid seems logical.

We'll update more when I see Scott and Stephanie. Not really sure how they are both doing in a general sense. I do know Stephanie is exhausted. Doc Tebbi is talking about maybe going home tomorrow or at least waiting for Monday. He tends to lean conservative, so I wouldn't bet on Scott getting released tomorrow.


Laura said...

Thinking of you all and hoping that the day gets better for Scott and Stephanie. I can't imagine how tired she must be and how frustrated Scott must be with getting sick to his stomach. They are both so amazing and such troopers. I hope Scott's stomach settles soon and that a good night's rest is in store for Stephanie tonight. Thank you for the update David, I'll check back later. Until then, please take care and know your friends in Michigan are thinking of you all.
Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Staci said...

Thanks for the update David. So glad to hear that the mastoid issue is okay and Scott's counts are up. We are looking forward to reading that Scott has been released. Please tell Scott and Stephanie that we said hello! Take care. "Angel" David & Staci