Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bury my xbox at Wounded Knee.

Scott has had a bit of a rough weekend and continues to feel like he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards. He is struggling to eat much of anything although we are managing to keep him hydrated. He has been sick a couple of times even with anti-nausea medicine and has no energy. It’s a vicious circle, without the fuel in his body he has no energy, and with no energy and feeling very puny he has no appetite. He seems to get indigestion a lot and I’ll be asking on Thursday if they have anything that can help him with this. We also hope that with the start of maintenance and the end of doxorubicin he’ll start to perk up in the coming weeks. Or maybe not, LOL, our xbox360 died yesterday! It was horrible, simply horrible.

He did get a couple of very nice treats this weekend though. On Friday Scott received a remote controlled car from a charity named Cody’s Wheels of Hope. The charity was started by the family of Cody Scott Filson who tragically died of cancer days before his fifth birthday. Whilst Cody was undergoing high dose chemotherapy he saw another little boy playing and gave him one of his beloved and unopened Hotwheels cars and it was with this memory that his family started Cody’s Wheels of Hope. So thank you very much to Cody’s family for this wonderful gift. Scott loves it and I have to say, as you can see from the photo, it’s a beauty!!!

On Saturday we were invited by the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Brad Richards (star player with the Lightning) to attend a practice game. Scott was also asked if he would like to ride the zamboni but the idea of all that attention freaked him out a bit and he declined. It was a good game, but as is usual when we attend, they lost. Our reputation stands! The boys all had a great time although Scott was incredibly weary and barely had the energy to make it back to the car after the game. Thank you to the PCF, to Brad and also to Kasey for another great Richy’s Rascals night out.

Thank you too to Carolyn for always remembering Derry throughout all this. He loves it when you fuss over him and goes all coy when he reads your cards.

Well that’s it for now, gotta go and convince Scott to eat a little something. Thanks for checking in.

Here's Scotty with the lovely Brad Richards and also with his friends Amanda Verity and Nikki Hawkins from the Childrens Cancer Centre...

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Benji2006 said...

Hi Guys: Cary, Jill and Benji here. Benji asked us to email you and let you know we may have a source for another xbox for you. Please email me at and we can talk about the specifics.

Say hello to Scott and let him know that we are thinking about him.

Cary, Jill, and Benji.