Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I can dream of the old days, life was beautiful then..

A day or so ago my sister, Lorna, asked for more photos, so I thought I would post a couple and the memories that went with them. This photo was taken close to our old stomping ground in the North East of Scotland. David had flown over from Florida and we were renting one of the houses in the background of this picture for a long weekend. This photo was taken a day after the shooting incident. We were all asleep, except for Scott as we were to discover (!!), when my little angel happened upon a rather futuristic looking 'gun'. Instead of thinking to himself "damn, Id best go and alert my mother", he decided instead to blast his sleeping brother with it! The 'gun' was loaded with several litres of yellow liquid which stank to high heaven, and once started it couldnt be stopped. Poor Derry woke to find himself covered in this stuff, and Scott in complete shock, yet still aiming more at him. My first knowledge of this was when Scott appeared at my bedside and said, "I dont know what I've done but it was very bad." Then Derry dripped into the room, sort of laughing and sort of crying, "he wouldnt stop shooting me".

Anyway, it turns out the 'gun' was a fire extinguisher and Derry didnt develop anything horrific following the incident although it took a little longer for the mental scars to heal. :)

However, they still havent forgiven us for 'making them stay' in a cottage with NO TV!!! Maybe one day they will admit that our few days in Crovie were some of the best days they have ever had.

A couple more ...

Around the bay to Gardenstown..

Tomorrow, I'll tell all about their (deathwish) trip to France.


Lorna said...

Ha!! deathwish trip indeed. it was a lovely day out - just a rather small plane and a couple of rather large thunderclouds. and wasn't it scotts birthday the next day? hope you still have the photies.. (3 more weeks and i'm back in sa...) xx

Sandie said...

What a great story. Thank you for sharing your memories. It a great thing to do. Keep them coming!

Lots of love to you all.

nina said...

beautiful pictures!! I am sure the memories are as well. Hold on to them. There will be more memories to be made.

Laura said...

Though I wish so much that our families met each other under very different circumstances, I am so glad to know such wonderful people. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.

What fantastic pictures! They made me smile. I can only imagine what other wonderful memories are yet to come for you and your boys! Take care.

Sending Smiles, Angel Laura