Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Prior to leaving for the hospital this morning Stephanie told me Scott was talking more. Terms like "more" or relative, and even though she told me some of things he was doing, I still couldn't wait to see for myself.

I don't know if I've ever felt as good as I did today when Scott told me my name. It was the best feeling ever. He also knew who Derry was, and how old he and his brother are. Things you take for granted and think meaningless really aren't.

Then later in the day, we're sitting watching more wrestling. A match finished and I looked over at Scott and he turned his head my way and gave me that "Scott smile". Not a half-hearted one. The smile Scott gets when he's happy. It came because John Cena had just bashed Edge through two tables off the top of a 12-foot ladder. Not the best way to spark a smile from the little guy, but anything that can produce that smile right now is okay.

He's still not eating, but he'd did at least take a few sips of water today. Small steps, but very important steps. One of the neurologists stopped by, and his message was progress this soon was a very positive sign. He told us to keep prodding him, but not to the point where he gets fed up with too many questions. He also spoke to us a bit more about the specific area and things that happened.

He walked a bit and we took him for a little journey downstairs and outside for a brief moment. Dr. O was on today, and she was very pleased with Scott talking with her when she came in, as were all the nurses. The whole group has had genuine concern for Scott (as they do for all the kids) because they also saw what a change it made in him. They are all happy to see his progress. We're ecstatic to see it.

These things may sound like insignificant items, but from our perspective Scott has changed significantly for the better in the last couple of days. Just taking it a day at a time.

All in all a good day. Georgia pounding Oklahoma State made for a nice finish.


Staci said...

David... thank you so much for sharing such a great update! We are very pleased to hear that Scott had a great day and look forward reading more good news each day. Please tell Scott we said hello. "Angel" David and family

christine said...

good news - as I said, a little at a time. It's strange to think that all the skills we take for granted aren't in everyones capability - it's all learned through the years and only when taken away - temporarily - do we realise how important the little things are - and that they will have to be relearned. Keep at it all of you.

Love and hugs

Dawn said...

What a lovely update. I didn't have the chance to log on yesterday and was wondering what I was going to read. Strange how just one day could bring news of either sort. Having said that, with the number of prayers going up for all of you, it really doesn't surprise me to read of Scott's improvement.

As Chris says, slow but sure, day by day. But how wonderful that he is recognising you all, smiling and managing to say a little more. Keep going with all that you're doing.

Much love,

Sandie said...

What wonderful news! I have begun to brace myself a bit before logging in. It was lovely to read all the progress. Tears of joy are so much better.

Lots of love to you all

Sandie said...

What wonderful news! I have begun to brace myself a bit before logging in. It was lovely to read all the progress. Tears of joy are so much better.

Lots of love to you all

Laura said...

Wow Scott, you always amaze me!!! What progress, your family is so proud of you, and so are all of us reading your blog daily! You are a champ. Keep up the great work and know we're all cheering for you. Glory has been running around the house yelling "Skit Skat's feeling better!" :) Take care.
Sending BIG smiles, Angel Laura

Anissa Mayhew said...

David and Stephanie,

I remember the neurologists telling me over and over that the human brain has a tremendous capacity to heal itself and to compensate for damage....just to give it time and be patient (yeah right) and to take small steps. To hear such progress so soon is awesome, he is trying and that is such a huge part of it all.

Our prayers are with you and we are here if you EVER need anything.

f.r.o.G...fully relying on God

Grandmama said...

Great news
Was so happy to hear Scott is doing better. And that he knows who you all are again. And most of all that he can give you that Scotty Smile again.
Love To All of You
Grandmama/ Mom

Lorna said... glad to hear Scotty's making improvements. looking forward to a bit more tomorrow..and the next day..
postcard from zanzibar on its way. xxx