Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, September 17, 2007

Derry and Scott's Parisian Vacation

A few years ago, and under duress, I trusted my little sister to take the boys to France for the day ... in an itsy bitsy Piper plane. Her friend was the pilot and "needed some practice time". LOL. What was I thinking!!! So anyway, off they went and arrived safely. They played in the rain, had a bit of a paddle and stopped by a patisserie for baguettes and such to bring home for tea. Then, if my memory serves me correct, Lorna got a call from her pilot friend to frog march it back to the 'airport'/field pronto as a storm was setting in and he wanted to beat the clouds.
Needless to say the weather got the better of them, and the ride home got a wee bit hairy. The boy's headsets were turned off so they couldnt hear the pilot and my sister (who does kind of know her sky stuff being an air traffic controller) panicking. The instruments were no use and they had to fly home by visual, looking for gaps in clouds. The plane, as you can see in the photo below, isnt much bigger than a go-cart, and was rocking all over the place. Thor was in full glory to be sure. Scott fell asleep and Derry thought it was great fun. (He has a short, hahahah, future in kamikaze maybe?) Somehow they managed to fall in behind a larger aircraft and find a corridor between thunderclouds and by some great miracle their little baked bean can made it home.

Next time they'll be taking the Chunnel!

la baguette..

for some strange reason Scott thought this French car very funny!


Staci said...

We are enjoying reading stories from you past and the pictures are so neat! Thank you so much for sharing. :0) Staci

Dawn said...

Long way to go for a baguette! I remember hearing how frightening it was for everyone at the time. Obviously the fear bypassed the boys though thank goodness.

I haven't forgotten about sending you some photo's but I've been really busy at work this past week and am having to travel down to the south coast each day. It will probably be next week before I can get them sorted as I'm going over to stay with Nana for the weekend as it's her birthday on Sunday. Oh yeah, your Mum and Eric's anniversary too!

Hope Scott is feeling better each day.

With love, Dawn.

Lorna said...

it really wasn't so bad folks.. the only worry was if we had to turn back to france for the night as it was scotts birthday the next day and steph wouldn't have been too happy!! (or scott for that matter).. anyway, we all had great fun and a lovely old french man gave the boys balloons and lollys while we waited for the weather report..

nina said...

that is such a wonderful adventure!!! and did i mention your boys are adorable??

Anissa Mayhew said...

Hey, all!

The pictures of the boys are so sweet, it's awesome to see a little of your life BC. I pray there will be many more days of fun and travel and goofy French cars in your near future.

Lots of love and prayers and encouragement!