Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kid on Kid

Never underestimate the value of a kid to a kid. Scott's buddy Brandon came by today. When he came in, it was like some sort of interest sparked in Scott. Up to that point, Scott had been pretty much the same as yesterday, and hadn't even been out of bed walking. Brandon came in, thinking nothing of Scott looking weak in the bed or the pole an IV hooked up. After a few minutes, we just left the room with those two and Derry in there watching wrestling. Shortly afterward, Derry comes out and says "Scott's chewing gum". Brandon had offered him some, with none of the 'Scott you need to do things so they will release you' conditions. Scott just plopped it in his mouth and started happily smacking away. I'd bet a lot of money he'd have shunned gum if Stephanie or I had offered it.

We've no idea what they talked about. Probably wouldn't really understand it if we did. That doesn't matter. He had a good 90 minutes just basically being a kid watching the tube with his friend. Brandon is also just a kid, but I really hope he understands he made a good impact today. We owe him and his parents a big thanks for giving their afternoon for Scott.

Scott seemed a bit more loose today after Brandon's visit. He has now remembered how to do his "Slavic" face (learned from Richy Richard on "Bottom" for you Brits), and was laughing afterwards. He also requested the Wrestlemania 23 dvd to be brought in tomorrow (thank you Sara). I think he wants to see McMahon get shaved.

Stephanie has been able to get him to drink a small amount. He ate a couple more gummies, and his nurse got him to use the magic mouthwash today.

He's listening and understanding. He even told Doc O this morning that he had been seeing things a couple days ago. That may explain the fear he was showing for anyone touching him or even coming at him with a thermometer. He told me he doesn't remember the scans from last Tuesday night.

Now on to the next couple of days, which will have another scan being done on Tuesday or Wednesday. I believe Stephanie and I are going to have to learn how to do the Lovimax shots as well.


Carolyn said...

I can't wait to meet Brandon. He sounds like an extraordinary young man. Having a visit from a friend sounds like it did more good than anything a doctor can order. Sometimes it is the simple things that mean the most. Give Scott and Derry hugs from us.

And ya'll are exceptional parents too!

DVDs of wrestling on the way -- I had NO IDEA what I was looking for so if they are not right, just tell him Aunty Carolyn needs to be taught about this whole wrestling thing.


Dawn said...

All good news. Scott, you must have really enjoyed seeing Brandon for a couple of hours. Bet it was nice to get rid of both Mum & Dad out of the room for a while as well!!

Love to you all.