Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This week's massive crave.

The lady at Wal-Mart looked at me sort of funny last night when I walked up with 4 or 5 boxes of these things. Stephanie bought a pack thinking it may be something Scott would snack on. He doesn't snack on them. He eats a box at a time. Luckily he took his last doses of roids last night, and the gorging should stop later this week. I think he cracked the 90-pound barrier on this round. He says he is striving to reach triple digits. He wants to crack through the 100-pound mark.

Derry's first hockey game in this coming Sunday! You can keep up with his team at this link:

The Pee Wee Grey Team (they've not picked a name yet).

And "Dave" the cat reappeared yesterday evening, this time sporting an orange collar. We're not sure if he found his way home and has escaped again, or if someone else in the hood took him in. I found him sleeping on one of the pool floats in the garage. He looked quite comfy and at home. Maybe he's trying to run away or something. He. I keep saying he. Dave isn't a boy, she's a girl. I know it is confusing.


Laura said...

You guys have such a GREAT sense of humor! I know it sounds odd, but so many times I come on here to check on Skittles and I just end up laughing at your funny stories. Dave is hilarious - the name, the way she keeps coming back to YOUR house - everything.

Skittles, those breadsticks look delicious! We may have to run out to Wal-Mart and eat some with you this week. YUM-O!

Thinking of you and hoping you are having a great day Skittles.

Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Anissa Mayhew said...

I remember checking out of Publix with 2 dozen cans of black olives and 3 bags of chicken nuggets at 10 pm at night and the girl gave me a look...I hadn't showered in at least 2 days and I looked back at her and snapped "Just ring it up!" Poor girl, she hasn't ever made eye contact since.

I hope Scott's tum is feeling better soon, I know how hard it is on them to be so hungry and then suffer the effects of the binge. I mean, the body can only handle so many carbs!

Good luck with Dave...denial is an ugly thing, sounds like you have another cat!

I hope we get to see you soon, that Scott feels up to getting out. Stephanie, I'm still holding you to that promise to go for a coffee...if I have to pry you off the front door I'll make you do it!

Lots of love,