Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Be warned the post below is a ploy to push "Dave" into favor as the FOURTH cat in our household.

Do not be tempted. Booger and Jingle are cats far too old to have a new cat enter their domain.

I'm sure I'll find a "lost cat" poster around the neighborhood tomorrow and return "Dave".

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Dawn said...

Maybe you'll find that poster, but what happens if you don't? In my experience cats often adopt people not the other way around! You won't stand a chance mate if 'Dave' decides that Scott's the one for her!! And I don't really think Booger or Jingle will stand a chance either.

On the plus side she looks so well cared for I'm sure you'll find the owners soon. Keep your fingers crossed David!

Steph, it's started raining cats and dogs over here in the last couple of days. Oh to be in the Florida sunshine! Nice wide highways and no rain spray so hard that you can't see the car 10 yds in front of you. Don't you just miss England sometimes! (Sorry Scotland! - bet it's worse up there).

Love to the boys,