Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, September 3, 2007

Just wanted to share some good news ... no change on the cat scan, nothing funky to be seen, no brain damage, swelling or bleeding!!!! Hopefully tomorrow the MRI and MRV will be repeated also and we will see a reduced clot.
Earlier on today I did Scotts injection of blood thinner. First Nurse Danni had me practice on her stomach with a saline needle which I managed to do fine, then she talked me through the process with Scott, I was a nervous wreck but pretended to be brave and confident, and it worked, I did it!!! Scott was amazing and didnt move a muscle, I am so proud of him. Danni has been my rock these last few days, she has treated Scott like one of her own, and me too. She has shown us so much love and her care of Scott has gone above and beyond what was necessary. I always wanted to be a midwife (or Indiana Jones) but now maybe when the kids are off doing their own thing, I think I want to be just like Danni.
Its getting late and I guess I should sign off and go to sleep but Susan came bearing frappuccino's and goodies and Im bouncing off the walls again. Thank you Susan! :) Also the helicopter pilot who landed recently outside my window seems to have wandered off and left the engine running.
Well heres hoping for good scans tomorrow and another step towards a healthy Scott.


Dawn said...

Well done Stephanie – you’re brilliant. I shouldn’t think having to inject her child is something any mother would want to do. What an amazing (and very brave!) nurse Danni must be to let you practice on her. She’s obviously a real inspiration to you.

Here’s praying for some more good results from the scans today.

Hope you managed to get some sleep last night and the helicopter moved sooner rather than later for everyones sake!

Take care of each other. With love,

christine said...

Ditto Dawn - glad I never had to give you or Lorna an injection - I don't think you could have trusted me to not collapse in a heap. It would probably have gone somewhere not required!!

Hope for good news from the scans today and then no doubt you'll be preparing to go home soon - that in itself will probably be a bit scary - but we all know Scott does so much better at home - he needs his own comforts around him - then hopefully he'll start to eat again.

lots of love and hugs to you all - one day I'll be able to give physical hugs again instead of ehugs.

Staci said...

Great Job Stephanie! Nurse Danni is a wonderful woman to allow you to practice on her.

We are so glad to hear such good news from the CT scan and will be praying for good results with the scans today.

We are hoping to hear that you and Scott will be going home soon!

Take care, "Angel" David and Staci

Sandie said...

You really are amazing. Nurse Danni truly is a brave one.

I'm so glad you have such a wonderful nurse caring for you and Scott - Derry and David as well I'm sure. Nurses "on the ward" are true heroes in my book. You'd be a brilliant one.

I hope the day brings good results and takes you one breath closer to that sigh you need.

Lots of love to you.

Laura said...

I'll be hoping and praying for great results on the scans today. What wonderful news on the scan yesterday! And BIG "way to go" cheers being sent your way on learning how to be a nurse for Scott. You're already supermom in my book. I'm glad there is a nurse like nurse Danni who is that caring and kind helping your family along the way. Take care everyone, and I'll check in again later.
Sending Hugs and Smiles, Angel Laura

Dawn said...

Message from Nana:

Nana says she's so very pleased to hear all the good news about Scott and that he may be going home soon.

She says please ask about any nursing help you will be offered once you get home.

She sends her love to all of you and wants you to give a special hug to Scott from her. xxxx