Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Doing the platelet dance!

Hi all,
Scott had the clinic this morning but for a cbc only. After Mondays bloodwork it had looked like he might be needing a transfusion but thankfully he is holding steady. His platelets are not as good as I was hoping and it is taking all my willpower and a handful of happy pills to not get my knickers in a twist about it.
His counts were...
anc --> 2380 (excellent but steroid induced)
hgb --> 7.9 (only just okay)
wbc --> 3.4 (fine)
plt --> 154 (no likey)
We will be keeping a close eye on him over the coming days and may need to have him back in the clinic on Monday.
On the whole Scott is doing amazingly well considering what he has been through these last few weeks. He has come from there being 'nobody home' inside his head to being pretty much back to normal in only 2 weeks. "But after all, he's my wonderwall"!! He has been very tired and run down and just totally scunnered with all that life has thrown at him but he doesn't seem to be lacking anything brain wise following his stroke. I have tried to not keep firing questions at him, "what is your name and where do you live", I try to be subtle in my approach, "this show is so gay, what's is called again" (when referring to Full House ofcourse). Scott glares at me and tells me to quit the 'head stuff'. So I guess that a good sign.
I have tried to get him to paint, do puzzles, swim, anything at all, but he says his body hurts (from vincristine) and refuses to budge from infront of the telly. He is still doing the steroid thing and eating like there's no tomorrow, which sounds kind of funny, but really it isnt. Its like he's driven to eat even though he really doesnt want to, he hates his swollen tummy, the way it looks and the way it makes him feel. Now also, with the blood thinner, his belly looks like a dart board, some of the injection sites look black and angry and bruised whilst others are barely noticable. He hates it, and believe me, I hate having to do it.
Anyhow, it is great to be home, we missed our kitties so much (well I did, Scott remembers very little about his hospital stay), its nice to walk on carpet and sleep in my own bed and stress about how horrible our garden is looking, just normal stuff. I hope in a day or so Scotts pains will ease and we'll be able to get out and about a little this weekend. He is hoping to go see the new Mr Bean movie, and with his anc being good then this might be possible.
Before I go I would like to say thank you to everyone who is supporting Scott through his ordeal, to Dr Tebbi and his team, our chemo angels, the Childrens Cancer Centre and ofcourse to all our family and friends. We just couldnt do this without you all. Thank you.


Staci said...

Just stopped by to check on Scott... I can tell that you are happy to be home! :0) Please tell Scott hello for us! Hope you have a nice day. Hugs from Maine

Lorna said...

hi steph, glad skittles is doing so well - it's been a hell of a year hey. i quit my job this morning - they need a strong young guy - all that carrying cylinders out onto the boats thru rough seas - not for me! planning a visit in the new year to see y'all. i think after 3 1/2 years its about time. really quite excited about spending some time in my own home - i guess you know how that feels. give the boys my love and tell them i cant wait to see them. they can tease me about my funny accent only if i can tease them about theirs. L xxx

Laura said...


So you;'re watching Full House again?! All right!!! I just saw an episode yesterday. Any time I find it on tv I have to watch because I always think about how you might be seeing the same one. :) I'm so glad you can be resting and recovering at home. It puts a big smile on my face.

Your mommy always makes me laugh. I like some of the words she uses (sometimes I have to look them up) but then I try using them around the house. It keeps Joe and Glory on their toes. :) Carlos always laughs at me so it's hard ot tell what he thinks of the new words. :)

I'm thinking about you. A letter is going out today so hopefully it won't take too many days to get there.

Carlos just had a check-up at the doctor and he is growing very well and adjusting great to life in the good ol' USA. There's even talk around here of us adopting again (but nothing is for sure yet.) Carlos is from Guatemala and I am researching the country of Ethiopia right now. We'll see what the future holds for us.

I'm just glad to hear you're home and doing well. Stay strong and keep watching Full House - it's a brilliant show. :) Sending Smiles, Angel Laura

Sandie said...

I loved reading your post today and hearing your voice sounding so light. I'm glad that home has such a positive effect on all of you.

There are still things to be concerned over, no doubt, but when I hear you say "knickers in a twist" and "this show is gay" I know you are in a better place than you've been - and I'm really happy for that.

I hope you all get out to see Mr. Bean.

Lots of love to you all.

Dawn said...

Hey Steph,
It's gone midnight over here and I must go and lay down in a minute before I fall down! Really tired tonight but I wanted to check how thing are today.
Glad the clinic results were all pretty positive. He's obviously doing really well and I hope it won't be long before you don't have anything to worry about. Wouldn't that be nice!! Spoke to your Mum last night and she was telling me how difficult you're finding the injections to do. How long is he likely to have to have them for - long term or relatively short term?
Changing the subject completely - can I ask Lorna a question. You say you're going to spend time in your own home. Where are you heading back to - SA or are you finally coming back to the UK for a while? Sorry the job didn't work out for you - it sounded quite exotic! The kids think everything you do sounds exotic!! Anyway hope to see you sometime.
Love to everyone.

Grandmama said...

Stephaine so glad things are looking up for you all.You do sound better. All though I do not understand some of the things you said.But that is ok. I can just about guess what they mean.

We hope and pray Scott continues to feel better.And that you all get to go to the movies this weekend .

Please keep us updated.
Love To All Of You
Grandmama & Papa / Mom & Dad