Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Good news officially back from Scott's MRI/MRV yesterday. The clot has been thinned and appears non-existant now. That is a great relieft that it was caught timely and the treatment used is working as well as anyone could expect.

However, still lots of worry as Scott still will not eat. He must eat in order to get released, and he knows this. I believe he's hesitant to eat because he afraid it will just bring on vomiting, which he's been doing each morning for the last several days. Trying to convince him that getting food in his stomach would stop the overload of acid and stop the nausea isn't easy, as realisticly he'll likely get sick the first time he does eat solid food.

Quite a mess indeed. However, the okay has been given to start his chemo 3-week cycle when his ANC reaches an acceptable level - which it isn't right now.

But it does appear we are getting close to having the clot situation solved, but not sure. They have also said the scan showed something called "mastoiditis", which seems to be inflammation of the mastoid bone. So just something new to toss in the mix.

That's about all the info we have on mastoiditis.

As Stephanie said - "this all just sucks".


christine said...

Thanks David - it seems to be a bit of good tinged with yet more to worrry about. Wonderful that the clot(dot) seems to have dissipated although I know Scott will be experiencing the effects of it for some time to come.

But as you say now there is something new to throw into the equation. My brief research into mastoiditis shows it 'could' explain the fever spiking and possibly the lack of eating but sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing - one of Erics favourite sayings. I guess you'll get more information as the day goes on.

Come on Scott - start eating and lets get you home - you may well be sick a little at first but your body needs nourishment and the sickness will pass. Think of the best food you can imagine and I'm sure Mum will raise heaven and earth to get it for you.

Thinking of you all the time
love Mum/Nana

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear the scan is done and had some good news tied in with it, yet I am also so sorry there is more to worry about. We sure are thinking of you guys a lot over here.
Scott, I hope you can start eating soon. I know it must be so hard, but if you could try that would be awesome because then you could go home with your family. Can you think of your most favorite food? Mine is chocolate chip cookies. If you think of something be sure to let us know and we'll send it right on out to you. :)
Hoping you have a great day and maybe even a bit of an appetite. Sending BIG smiles and Hugs, Angel Laura

Grandmama said...

David / Son
Good to hear some good news .
But always bad to go alone with it.
We pray that is not as bad as it seems.
Scott please try to eat just a bite or two of something.
What about a milkshake? Or that red frozen drink you get sometimes when we go out to eat.
We Love You All
And are praying every day that we will hear something really good.
Grandmama/Mom & Papa/Dad

Sandie said...

Scott, It's a dreadful feeling, I know. I completely understand if you are thinking, "no sense in eating if I'm just going to boot it in a minute." But you could start slowly. A few ice chips (ground to oblivion) pave the way, then a bite at a time. Tiny, dust speck of a bite so it can sneak by the puke button. Before you know it, you'll have completely infiltrated the old stomach without setting off any alarms. You never know, it may just work.

Lots of love to you all

Anissa Mayhew said...

David and Stephanie,

You're always in our prayers! It's good to hear the news about the clot situations showing positive signs of improvement. I know you're anxious to get home, so I really hope that Scott finds that food that he feels comfortable eating.

I hope we see you soon, please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. When you get home, I'd like to connect you with the Brandon Foundation that is a group that helps Brandon families like ours. They may be able to help you out if you have things on the homefront that have been in need. Go figure that you might not have time to deal with all of it yourself!

You're always in my heart and thoughts. Looking forward to the day we get to see you again.

Lots of prayers and encouragement, I know the recovery may be slow, but it's happening.