Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yet another morning of continuous drugs, oncology doctors, pulmonary doctors and respiratory therapists. And all the while, Scott continued to puke.
Thankfully they all agree that he is looking better and improving daily. It is still a mystery as to the type of pneumonia he has. Bacterial has been pretty much ruled out, as has PCP and Legionnaires. As yet nothing has grown on the fungal cultures but because he had been given anti fungals prior to the cultures being taken, the results could come back as a false negative. Fungals can take up to 5 days to grow and we are almost at the 3 day mark.
I was starting to believe that this was all viral, and hoping that is was, but the lung doctor just told me that his early symptoms (the need for oxygen and very high fevers) led him to believe the pneumonia was fungal.
So the plan is to stay on regular high doses of anti-fungals, antibiotics and diuretics (to stop fluid build up) and to keep on with respiratory therapy. This morning 3 IV medicines were approved for his sickness, so hopefully we'll see some relief from this soon.
His hemoglobin is also still a mystery. The Epstein-Barr results are due anytime now and if these are negative he will have further tests to see if he has a genetic condition that can cause rapid red blood cell death. That cant do this right now as he has had two transfusions in the last few days and this will obviously screw up the test.
Thats it for now.

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Sandie said...

I hope you all have a decent stretch of sleep tonight. :)

Lots of love to you