Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cautious good news this morning. The lab report has come back with bacterial pneumonia - mycoplasma pneumonia to be specific. Better known as walking pneumonia. The lab report showed it appears Scott had never been exposed to this bacteria, as his system is producing massive amounts of the antibodies to fight it (a good thing). So far, no fungal or viral types have shown up in the lab. That is about as good of news as we could expect right now. Scott was on 20 litres of oxygen yesterday, it's been lowered to 5 litres this morning. He's only allowed clear fluids right now. No food still.

Another xray this morning looked basically the same as yesterday's. No improvement (which wasn't really expected only a day into heavy duty antibiotic regimen), but also no further progression.

This IS good news, but Scott is still extremely miserable and very sick. He will still have a lengthy stay full of misery, but this news even put the doctors a bit more at ease. Yesterday, this just wasn't the case. Don't read this wrong, this is still a very serious issue which we must face.

Scott is going to be moved out of ICU and back onto the oncology floor sometime today. He can get the necessary oxygen and all of his meds there, plus he can move around a lot more, as he'll be able to leave the room with a mask on and walk laps in the oh-so-familiar hallways of the 2nd floor. The rooms there are exponentially less scary to Scott, he did not want to get back in the bed all night last night. I'm glad he's that stubborn and refused. He'll also have his games and tv to keep his mind occupied during what is going to be a pretty lengthy stay at St. Joe's.

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Sandie said...

Thank goodness for small miracles. I glad for the good results. It's also good to know that although it's going to be a long and dreadful stay - at least he can leave ICU. It's a weird reality when returning to the oncology floor is good news. I'm so sorry about all of this for all of you.
We are keeping you all in our hearts.

Lots of love