Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a quick update here tonight.

First off - Christine (Steph's mum) got here right on schedule, so breathe easy Eric. Just wanted to let you know she arrived all in one piece when you read this in the morning. We got her all tucked up for the night already. We did get by the hospital on the way home, so she's had a visit with Scott.

Scott this evening looked a bit better to my non-doctor eyes. He was chuffed to see his Nana walk in the room. Easily the biggest smile he's had on his face since admission last week. She also came with Oscar, the Harrod's 2008 Christmas bear in tow, which is now perched right at the foot of his bed keeping a watchful eye on Scott. I can tell he's better, as he made a comment after his nurse left the room. He said "she's purty" (trying to sound like me I guess). When Stephanie and Nana left the room for a bit, I told him I'd bet he wouldn't say it to her face. He instantly said "how much".

A few moments later, his nurse came back in and I lost 5 bucks, and his nurse replied "I see you're getting better!" He actually answered all her questions with words instead of nods. Removed the O2 mask at her request and kept talking to me for a few more minutes. He was still without the mask when I left and holding up a 94 on the meter, so that is a good sign.

Hopefully the night is at least a bit more restful for both of them.


Sandie said...

Scott flirting with the nurse! I love it. He must be feeling at least a little bit better. I'm sure seeing Nana helped his spirits quite a bit. Enjoy her visit, as much as that is possible with Scott in the hospital.

Love to you all

Kristy said...

Grandmas can do amazing things for grandchildren :)

Here's to hoping that Scott's out ASAP and flirting with someone other than a nurse!

nina said...

amen for the powers of grandmas!
I am so glad to hear Scott is feeling a bit better.

Dawn said...

Great to hear Christine arrived safely and Scott enjoyed the surprise of her arrival. He's certainly showing his fighting spirit and must be feeling a bit better to be picking out the pretty nurses!
Hope Lorna also gets there with no hitches. It will be great for you to all be together for a while even though it could have been under better circumstances. I can't even think when you three girls were last together. Any ideas?!! Anyway, just enjoy as much as possible.

Love to you all.