Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last post of the evening - Scott is finally getting his blood transfusion. With the help of Motrin (which isn't easily approved in someone like Scott's situation) and the water pad, his temp got down enough to go ahead with transfusion.

Don't really know what the night may have in store. Hopefully his temp stays down. He is still on the cooling pad for now, and the room is about 60 degrees it seems.

I'll update in morning sometime.
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Marie said...

Big hugs to Scott from his "Fairy God Mothers" Amy & Marie.

nina said...

i am saying prayers for scott's recovery from this latest ordeal.
hang in there, all of you.


Lorna said...

thank you for keeping up informed david. please give scott my love and tell him i'm thinking of him all the time.

Dawn said...

So pleased to hear he's been able to have the blood transfusion. Hope he's had a stable night and you've all been able to get some rest. We're thinking of you all.
Stephanie, I don't know if Chris has told you, but I thought you'd like to know - your cousin Hannah has had another baby boy. Called him Nathan Liam.
Take care of each other and I'll check for more news later today.

Sandie said...

I hope today brings something positive for all of you.

Sending all my love.

Laura said...

I continue to think of each of you and I hope it was a good night for everyone. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura