Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We finally did get a growth on some of Scott's lab slides - candida. Yup, yeast. While the culture has grown this, it is not certain this was the primary and sole cause of Scott's pneumonia. Be that as it may, candida is a fungal infection. It is a very good thing Scott has had Zyvox and fluconazole since Saturday morning. Today the docs added omnicef to his battery of drugs, and stopped the Bactrim.

Scott was doing better today, and finally ate a whopping 2 saltines. He did walk a few laps this evening (under great protest) and hasn't had O2 since he took off the mask for his nurse last night. He still is breathing shallow, and has an elevated heartrate, but he is improving. He probably wouldn't agree with that, as his nausea seems pretty consistent throughout the day.

So, a fungal pneumonia it is. We just want it pounded further by the proper drugs and to get Scott home. That said, we don't want him home too quickly either. The last thing we want is for a fungal pneumonia to not be fully eliminated and have it return.

Off to bed now. We'll be grabbing what should be a very travel-weary Lorna (Stephanie's sister) at the airport just about lunch tomorrow. She should be full of energy, since she took off from Johannesburg about lunchtime today. More tomorrow.

EDIT: I did want to add one thing. Scott got visited by Dumbo, a treatment dog this evening. Now getting visits from treatment dogs isn't a rare thing. Scott sees the likes of Benji and Sunny on a regular basis. They are large dogs. Most the treatment dogs are labs or retrievers of some sort. But Dumbo is different, and the last thing I would ever expect a treatment dog to be - Dumbo is a chiuaua. A tiny little girl. And as friendly as any treatment dog we've ever seen. Anyone knowing dogs realizes these dogs tend to like their owner and growl and bite everything and everyone else in their path. Not Dumbo. She just sits, gets pet and licks everyone in sight. She is quite a sight, and I wished I had a picture to post.


nina said...

such nice news to wake up to! scott feeling better and a friendly chiuaua.
i am glad to hear that the girls are gathering together for stephanie & scott. (maybe the forces of beltane will provide a respite)

Ben32113 said...

Glade to see a positive change in Scott’s condition!