Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another fever

I'll keep this short just to update those across the pond as you awake on what will be Thursday morning....

...late this morning Scott pass the dreaded fever threshold of 100.5 F (38 C) again, so we were off to St. Joe's. After a verified reading in the clinic, the hope of us just having a crap thermometer which was wrong was washed away.

Another fever. Scott signed in to a room on the ped oncology floor.

His hacking cough comes in fits, which is very worrying to us. Doc Obzut listened to his lungs thoroughly, and heard nothing disturbing. But something is causing the cough. He says he cough because his chest tingles right behind his breast bone area. She also checked all around his abdomen and head and neck lymphnodes. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Even before we left for hospital, Stephanie and I were set on requesting a chest x-ray at the minimum. Luckily, Doc O thought exactly the same before I even mentioned it to her. He didn't get down for it til late in the afternoon, and we haven't heard anything back from anyone.

So Stephanie and Scott are already tucked in bed at St. Joe's. Derry just gone to bed here. I'm just sitting reading through old blood tests and "researching". Don't really know for what and will probably give myself nightmares, but such is the life in this world.

I'll update tomorrow as soon as we hear anything.


christine said...

thanks for the update David - hope they have had a peaceful night - yes the cough is worrying but hopefully it is just that - a cough and that is may be what is causing the fever. At least they are on the right ward this time and Steph will have a bed. Catch up later.

Lorna said...

fingers crossed and waiting for some good news.....xx