Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, October 24, 2008

I think we may be getting out of here later today. Im not too sure I am happy with this but Scott sure is. His o2 is holding close to 100% and his lungs sound better but the pneumonia is still present but under control. We will be released with lots of meds, 2 anti fungals and oodles of advice on how to continue treating him at home. Obviously the doctors are pleased with his progress and content to discharge him, I am just nervous at going home without the o2 and heart monitor.
His bloodwork this morning has shown signs of malnutrition which is understandable given that he hasnt eaten for 8 or 9 days now. He will recieve an infusion of protein prior to discharge and we'll just have to do our best over the coming days to try and build him up again. However I have a long, long list of foods he cannot have for the next 3 weeks. Foods which contain Tyramine (meat, fish, vegetables, over-ripe fruit, chocolate, peanuts, coke, cheese and many other things) are all out for the time being as they can interfere with the antifungals and lead to a "hypertensive crisis that may be life threatening".
He hasnt had a blood transfusion in 3 days and so far the hgb is holding around 10. This is still low for Scott but at least, for now, it is stable. I would imagine we will have to come back in for a blood test on Monday to see how he copes over the weekend.
It's great to be going home - we miss our kitties so much - but it's a little scary.
Before I sign off I just want to say thank you to my mum and sister for travelling thousands of miles to come and look after us. I am so happy to be going home to a clean house, happy cats and food in the fridge! :) Also thank you to my awesome friend and 'angel' Susan. Whenever we have a crisis, "poof" she is there at our side. Thank you to Sarah for the games, books and chocolates and for being so damn lovely. Thanks too to our pet therapists and all the kind volunteers who have kept Scott's spirits up over the last 9 days.
Over and out.


Ben32113 said...

Glade to hear Scott is doing well enough to be discharged home. Looks like you'll have to be creative with foods in the coming days. It's always a good thing not to have to use oxygen, it tends to weaken the lungs when used for long periods of times. Sounds like Scott is on the right path! BTW, make sure Scott is going good mouth care to prevent thrush. TRUSH sucks!! I'll keep Scott and the rest of the family in my thoughts and prayers! Stay strong, this too shall pass!

Nurse Ben

Dawn said...

Wanted to say hello / goodbye before we go away for the half term week. Was going to say I hope you're both back home soon but I've just this minute heard from Mum that you're already home - fantastic news. Please tell Scott I hope he feels at least 99% better, if not 100%. Also please say hi to Lorna for me. Hope you all have a good time together.
Will check again in a weeks time to see how things are.
Take care,

Sandie said...

I hope you are all enjoying your mom and Lorna :)

Lots of love to you

Laura said...

Thinking of your family and sending smiles to Skittles. :) Angel Laura

Grandmama said...

So glad Scott was able to go home.
We had not heard anything since
We think about you all everyday and pray that everything is going ok.We know its not good but he is better and we are so thankful for that .
He is a strong kid and we love him very much. He is stronger than I have been.
I know that Stephanie was so glad to see her Mum and Sister.It means lot to have family around when you are so down.
Wish we could be of help . But we can not even take care of ourselves
at this time.
With our Love and Prayers To All of You
Mom & Pop [Grandmama & Papa