Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scott isnt very well. Last night his temp was at 104.4 but thankfully dropped a little after tylenol and being wrapped up in a cooling/torture blanket and damp towels. He has stuff in his lungs and the x-ray cannot rule out pneumonia, he is jaundiced and his hemoglobin is lower than it has been since this all started. Today he will get a blood transfusion and antibiotics and a viral panel to see if he has mono or something similar which could be eating up his red blood cells. He has blood and bacteria in his pee and we are waiting to see if cultures grow.
I had a bit of a hissy fit this morning and made it clear I needed to see the main man, Dr Tebbi. Thankfully he was around and came to see us and made me feel so much better. Whilst this is incredibly scary he did manage to reassure me that he did not see relapse only a viral infection. Whatever the root cause is it is causing chaos within Scott, in his lungs, in his blood and in his liver.
Scott is asleep right now, exhausted from last night and also because of his hemoglobin.
Its heartbreaking and scary.

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Lorna said...

so sorry to hear this steph. thinking of you all....and waiting to hear that things are getting better....