Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, October 30, 2008

David and I were wrecks this morning and dreading how screwed up counts could be today. So many variables to be taken into account and we just did not know what to expect. We have both said over and over again that all we want for our anniversary is beautiful blood work, and thankfully - YAY - that is what we got.
Anc was 2000, platelets 411 (highest since diagnosis), wbc 3.3 and hemoglobin was a staggering 12.6. This is incredible considering how it has been constantly falling for the last 6 weeks. It is not normal for pneumonia to have an effect on hgb, but it would seem to be the case in Scott's situation. Hopefully now he wont need anymore transfusions.
His chemistry was also good and whilst the bilirubin was a little elevated it was nothing like we have seen over the last few weeks. His nutrition levels had also recovered.
Chemo has been reduced to 100% as they dont want to overload his system whilst still recovering from an infection.
We now wait with baited breath to see whether the neurontin will take effect this cycle. I hope so. Vincristine week with no pain would be bliss.
So thats it. A good blood/chemo day. Phew. :)
Oh yeah and it's anniversary! Will write something sappy about that later.


Proud Momma of 3 said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Miss you all!!!


Mary Lynn

Sandie said...

A very, very Happy Anniversary to you two. I couldn't be happier that the two of you found each other. Truly is something, the way it all works, eh? I'm glad you have Scott good numbers to celebrate tonight as well. I hope ole Melonhead came round with something lovely for you, sunshine. Best to the four of you and many, many more years - filled with all the joy that heaven will allow. Let's hope heaven gets the "step it up a bit" memo. ;)

Lots of love to you all.

nina said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! And lovely news about Scott's bloodwork!

Hopefully the hubby put alot of good thought into something utterly wonderful for your special day!

Staci said...

We are so glad to hear good news on Scott's bloodwork! Please tell Scott hello from us.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Laura said...

Wonderful news about Scott. :) And a very Happy Anniversary to you both! Sending Smiles, Angel Laura