Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 83

I'll keep this short and sweet as I am not in the mood for updating but if I dont the phone will be ringing first thing in the morning. Blogging about your child's cancer ups and downs really isnt much fun and besides which how many ways are there to discuss blood work?
His anc was fine at over 6000 (boosted by steroids).
Wbc - 7.0
Hgb - low and I dont want to talk about it
Platelets - 230, a slight increase from Saturday when we were discharged, phew!
Bilibloodyrubin - Yes, good old bilirubin rears its ugly head again and is elevated at 2.5


christine said...

thanks for the short and sweet updates Steph - every Thursday we all wait for results and reassurance - so yes, your blog work really is worthwhile.
love as always, mum/nana

Staci said...

Hi there, I have to agree with you mum...we anxiously await Thursday updates. Actually we check your blog frequently to see how our little friend and his family is doing. Sure appreciate the updates Steph! Hugs from Maine. Staci

Laura said...

Thanks for the update - my mind is always with your family on Thursdays. Wishing you all a relaxing day. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura