Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself"

You know, for someone who doesn’t go in for all that mystical foo-foo I am ridiculously hesitant in putting a hex on us by telling you this weekend was pretty good.
Scott came so close to ending up back in the big house on Friday due to high temperatures and all looked gloomy for a while. But then it dropped like a stone, repeating last week’s incident. It is worrying. Why his temperature is fluctuating like this I don’t know. Anyhow, I forced myself to lay off the thermometer this weekend, well cut back at least, and he seems stable again. Scott is also a little pale and yellow-ish although not pure white and whilst he did complain of feeling tired from time to time he also found the energy to do more than he has done in quite a while. He has also been having cramps in his hands and feet and again I’m not sure why. It could be biological but with all the drugs he is taking it could also be a side effect. And one more thing, he is coughing like a crack-smoking coal miner. Not good. So there are a few things going on and David and I, and Scott too, are nervous and jittery and can only hope that none of the above are serious in nature.
But like I was saying we did manage to have a decent weekend. Probably very boring compared to just about everyone else’s but good for us. It was almost normal. We went for a bike ride like the ordinary people do. David and Scott went out on Saturday night, just like regular folks, to see a hockey game. We watched a movie all the way through and everyone was civil and didn’t fight or throw up. We ordered pizza and the pizza man didn’t get lost and the pizza was really good for a change. We pretended we were just like all the other normal families without cancer and went to support Derry and his team and I didn’t take my bag full of emergency medicines. But unlike ordinary games they won so that kind of ruined the streak but oh well.
Considering we are all manic depressives, to one degree or another, and considering how little it takes to throw any one of us into complete hysteria, and considering how freaking freaked out with stress we are, I think we did rather well.

Pre-game pow-wow, they look like they-re praying but they arent, I dont think so anyway..

Looking hunkerific in hockey pants ...

Another bum shot. If you're wondering why there are never any pictures of him actually moving its because he's too fast and becomes but a blur when on ice! its true ...

Another of my brilliant shots of Derry from behind - lol :)



Lorna said...

nice one. congrats on having a normal weekend and congrats to derry for his team winning. hope all scotts niggles fade away this week. love to all.

Laura said...

Way to go Derry!!!
I'm so glad you all had a nice weekend. Wishing you a week that is just the same and even better. :) Thinking of you and sending smiles, Angel Laura

Shawn said...


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