Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Saturday, October 4, 2008

We made it home this afternoon and not before time. Scott has little patience (unlike myself, I was a crippled turtle in my previous life) and had spent much of the last day on the ward completely mute. So with the fever and a silent child my mind couldn't help but wander back to last year and his initial stroke symptoms.
His fever finally went down ... and down ... and down, until his temp was close to being hyperthermic at 95.4 degrees. It finally settled at 96.2 and we were allowed to leave. So, his temperature went down and his glucose level soared. The high end of normal for glucose is 99 and he reached 240. Again this is a repeat from last year when he was on TPN, this time there was no TPN only fluids with sugars and salts. A new order was placed for fluid with no sugar and it went down to 180. So needless to say discharge was under the strict instructions to avoid sugar as much as possible. We were warned last year that Scott will develop diabetes so I can only hope that his levels return to normal next week and we can delay, what seems to be inevitable, as long as possible.
His hemoglobin and platelets are not where I would like them to be. They are lower than they have been in many months and both numbers continued to drop the entire time we were there. This can occur when someone is fighting a viral infection but it is still incredibly worrying to see the very numbers which keep you sane (when they are good) throughout treatment, steadily decline. Transfusions weren't needed and again I hope to see an improvement next Thursday.
He was also sent home with a new drug to try. The drug is Neurontin and I have mentioned it before. It may help to alleviate some of his neuropathy pain and in turn relax his dependence on codeine and ativan. We were initially told he would have to take 9 pills daily, which Scott immediately declined, but were told this morning it was now available in liquid and he would only need to take a spoonful three times daily.
Its good to be home again with my boys, my kitty cats, my chair, my familiar and welcoming toilet, my fridge full of wholesomeness, my memory foam bed, my books, my dead washing machine, (which spookily enough was very much alive and kicking prior to our stay at st joes!!) and most importantly, my fever-free Skittles.
Thats all for now folks.
Thanks for checking in.


nina said...

I am glad to know your baby is home where he belongs and the fever is gone. I have been saying a special prayer for Scott's continued strength to fight this and for you and your family's continued perseverence through this illness.

Lorna said...

glad you home. hope to talk soon. enjoy a quiet sunday at home. x

Sandie said...

I'm glad you two are back home. I hope you solve the washing machine mystery. Lots of love to you, Steph.


Laura said...

I'm so glad you and Scott are home where you belong. :) May today be a restful and good one for all of you. Sending Smiles, Angel Laura