Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Actually scratch that post below. Scott has pneumonia, but not that type. Someone read a report wrong. He doesn not in fact have that type of pneumonia. There was a mistake in reading the lab report earlier today. Obviously this was quite disturbing, and I believe Stephanie made it quite clear how disturbing and unacceptable the mistake was. I also understand doctors are humans and all of this is nothing close to a perfect science - but a mistakenly read report by someone we're trusting with our child's life is certainly not going unchecked quietly.

That's enough about that.

Scott is back in the same room on the oncology floor. He says his chest is very sore, and his breathing is shallow. The short breaths keep his heart racing along in the 120-130 range. He was been turned down to 3 litres of O2 right now. At one time he did say he felt better than a couple of days ago, but later change his mind when I ask, and said he wasn't sure. Scott is on a massive combination of drugs right now. A quite frightening list. I can recall them all off the top of my head. He basically feels completely miserable, but is happy to be back in one of the "normal" rooms. The ICU rooms are quite scary to him, and his anxiety gets high over there.

It's a lot more comfortable for Stephanie as well, since there are no 2nd beds in the ICU, just a recliner. No nice private bathroom or shower either. She lives at the hospital, and there has been a very small amount of time that she's not been there at any time during any of Scott's stays. This tends to make our house revert to a "guy house" with just Derry and I here. The smell of Clorox leaves after a couple of days, and some other smell seems to replace it. We make due best we can. Stephanie's mum will be over Tuesday night, and she'll help whip us back into shape.

So to sum up the whirlwind of the last couple of days - it is a very serious situation. Scott has to fight off what is still an unknown source of pneumonia. But we do know it is not PCP - which he is specifically medicated to prevent on a regular basis. That is about the most positive spin I can muster right now. It is very hard to watch how much he's struggling to breathe and knowing just how many drugs are being pumped into him.


Carolyn said...

I know this is still so very serious but the best thing I read was that Scott is "stubborn". That little kid is a fighter and I know NOTHING about this whole thing, but to know he has the strength to fight, even being so very sick, says volumes that tests and labs cannot say.

Tell him we are thinking of him and love all of you very much.


Lorna said...

yes, scott is a fighter - and stephanie too! thinking of you all. xxx

Laura said...

Thinking of you all and loving that Scott has that fighting spirit in him. Take care. Angel Laura