Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Friday, October 17, 2008

Scott had another dreadful night, fighting a temp in the 104 range. It spiked up around 1 in the morning, and nothing really helped it. He and Stephanie were basically awake all night again. He's been laying on the cooling mat for a day now. The doc stopped by this morning and they are still rather certain he's dealing with mono. If that is in fact the precise virus he's fighting, it will likely mean a number of blood transfusions over time to keep his hemoglobin up. It bounced up nicely last night after the transfusion (up from 7.6 to 10.3), which is expected with the blood. The next round of blood test (sometime during the night tonight) should give us an idea of how quickly it may be changing.

He's currently jacked up on Ativan and Tylenol w/Codeine, and still has a temp around 102. He just turned the tv off and has lowered his bed flat, so hopefully he'll get into a decent doze/sleep for a couple or few hours. Being awake all night, along with the vomiting and all the other things going wrong has exhausted the poor kid.

He is a very sick little fella right now.

We will update here as things change. If we're not updating, that means things are basically the same as right now. Posting every few hours about how sick our little guy is seems a bit weird right now.

I wanted to note to Angel Dave in Maine - the velvet door tag couldn't have showed up at a better time! Scott sat off right away and colored it in very nicely and placed it on his hospital room door. And Angel Laura - Scott hasn't been eating much of anything, but went to work on the snake right away as well. We just hope you folks know how such seemingly small things help. Thank you.

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