Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Monday, March 5, 2007

In-Patient week

Scott had an ok clinic visit Thursday. Okay at the cancer clinic, until they told us to stop by the eye doctor across the street. He needed to have his eye pressures re-check, as they were a bit elevated during his last hospital stay, most likely due to the long regimen of steriods.

The eye clinic was a horrible experience. They have to numb his eyes with the drops that sting for awhile. Scott remembered this part of the process from the eye doc visiting him in the hospital. He was very nervouse going into the visit, and just got to the end of his nerves by the time he was in the exam room. Getting the drops in was horrible to have done, as he literally had to be held down by Stephanie in the chair. She had to keep his arms from moving and scratching his eyes while they were numb. All the while worrying about squeezing him too hard and causing bruising or bleeding internally.

Just a bad, bad experience all around for all of us and especially Scott. Something I hope we never have to do again.

Today thru Wednesday are Scott's first day since this started with zero drugs to take. But that only last until Thursday, when his next hospital stay starts. He's due a bone marrow test and spinal tap Thursday. Afterwards he's due the 24-hour dosage of Methatrexate. Everyone says the first treatment of that is the worst. We certainly hope so, or it will be a horrid weekend.

The "unknowns" in all of this are the hardest. The treatment is so long and complicated, it just runs endless thoughts through your head. What will be the side effects? Will he have a reaction to one of the drugs? What if his next test comes back with bad results? What if the nausea is worse? Too many questions. Too many possibilities. Not knowing what comes with the next test, or two months or two years from now. It just zaps the energy out of everyone.

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Sandie said...

Best as you can manage, you simply must look at one day at a time.

Celebrate if it's a great one and if it's not, know it will be over when the sun rises again.

It's not an easy thing to do, but when you can do it, it makes one's spirit a little more prepared for the journey.

Lots of love to you all