Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A good mood

Derry and I just back from hospital a bit ago. Scott was in a decent, talkative mood (too talkitive and goofy for Stephanie I think). He informed me his mouth sores were feeling a bit better today, and he ate quite a large amount of food. He's also got back to drinking a decent amount of water to help along with the process. He will be in tomorrow at least until all the work normally scheduled for his clinic visit is done - including the dreaded leg shots. At least he seemed upbeat and had a good sense of humor. The chemo level is lingering, but it will come down. I was just happy to hear his mouth sores were bothering him just a little less today.

He also got another surprise, courtesy of a friend at TECO. Noriel used to work in TECO Corporate Communications department, and knows the director of that same department with the Lightning. He was able to procure a Lightning goalie stick signed by the entire team, along with some signed glossies and a signed puck from Richards. This played a major part in lifting Scott's mood and spirits, and is quite a nice gesture from Noriel.

The gesture comes from a guy with a big heart, and a bit of first hand understanding. Just about the same time Scott got sick, Noriel's little niece - JJ - also got sick. She is just a month shy of 3 years old. JJ had the misfortune of the doctors finding a tumor in her abdomen, which led to a diagnosis of neuroblastoma. JJ and Scott have both spent many of the same nights in the St. Joe's Children's Oncology ward just a few doors apart. JJ is currently being prepared for a marrow harvest which preceeds marrow transplants. She's a sick little innocent girl, and needs good thoughts sent her way.

JJ is another in the too-long line of kids seen at the hospital. Little kids are innocent. None of them deserve to have to deal with these things.

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