Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Still Not Clear

Meth level down to 0.49. Not moving fast at all. Another blood draw at noon today.

Scott and Stephanie sound asleep and don't know yet. Just waiting on morning doctor rounds to wake them.

Update: Dr. Tebbi visited this morning. He's going to increase Scott's dosage of Leukavorin (the rescue drug/antidote for Methatrexate) and increase his IV fluids. He was already on 150 ml/hr and peeing about every 30 minutes, so who knows how much he'll be flooded now.

He has lots and lots of mouth sores now. Even some on his tongue. This makes drinking or eating next to impossible without great pain. Scott just wants to go home and see the cats.


Rozie said...

Scott is very strong young man and will overcome this. He is very fortunate to have all of you around to support him. Good luck!

Grandmama said...

David If Scott can have it stop and pick him up a milk shake I know he loves them. Maybe he can drink that throw a straw. And it will give him energy. It is worth a try.
Scott be strong and remember things will get better.
Love to all of you
Grandmama & Papa