Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Still in hospital

Scott is still in the hospital. His last bloodwork at 1:30 today had a Meth level of 1.8. Gotta get to the 0.1 level. Next bloodwork at 1:30 a.m.

He is having a rough time with mouth sores this go round. So bad he's finally given in to the magic mouthwash with lidocaine. He just fell apart several times when he tried to eat some things. He was starving because the steroids that began on Thursday have kicked in full force now, and he wants food - but it was hurting to bad to chew earlier.

Finally went out and got some pizza, fries and garlic knots. He rinsed and swallowed the mouthwash, then just sort of forced himself through the first few bites and ate quite a lot at dinner time. Really stuffed himself. That made his stomach feel better, and should help the bloodwork along.

Right now, we sort of expect to get an okay to leave at tomorrow's 1:30 p.m. blood test.

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