Scott & Sunny

Scott & Sunny

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

6th night in.

Scott's daytime bloodwork only got him down to a 0.33, so he'll be spending night 6 of this trip in the hospital. 17 nights to date.

He has spent time this week with the Homebound/Hospital teacher that works at St. Joseph's. He seems to do fine with her, and likely is benefitting even better than the typical classroom environment since he's got the benefit of 1-on-1.

He also spent some time with the hospital psychologist that works with all the cancer kids, and I think he got some stuff off his chest while with him. That doc thought the hockey games were a great thing, since Scott must have talked a lot about hockey during their time together. So he put a call in to the American Cancer Society, who by the end of the day left a message here at the house. I know getting him to as many games as possible would certainly lift his spirits. Even the lady that takes care of Brad Richard's suite commented on how he and Derry sat and watch every second of the game, and noticed Scott would make sure someone saved his front row seat in the suite while he went to the restroom or to get some food and drink. I guess the bulk of the cancer kids aren't hardcore hockey fans. Scott certainly appreciates the generosity of such folks. There's not much more he says he wants than to go to more hockey games.

Hopefully his nightime bloodwork will clear him for release. It should be taken around 1 or 2 a.m., and results won't likely be known to about 5-ish. They gave him an extra 30 minutes prior to blood draw this afternoon, and may do the same tonight.

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